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Love Island 2021 – Hot or Flop?

27/07/21 Social Digital Marketing

The most anticipated show of 2021 is upon us: Love Island. I’ve written numerous blogs in the past around the benefit of the hit reality show for brands and analysed the marketing masterpiece that it is. In fact, I’d go...
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SEO Is About Optimising Solutions, Not Keywords.

26/07/21 Strategy SEO Digital Marketing

One thing that’s guaranteed is the same look on a client’s face when I explain that SEO is no longer a one-trick pony. It’s not about box-ticking your way to success, it’s not about single keywords, it’s not even about...
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mobile optimisation

Making email campaigns that aren’t just a pretty face: a quick guide

16/07/21 Digital Marketing Best Practices

  We’ve all at some point received a really good marketing email campaigns – you might not be able to think of one off the top of your head but you’ll know it when you see it! First things first,...
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Five top tips for pitching when it comes to newsjacking

07/07/21 Digital PR Digital Marketing

As part of Digital PR strategies, newsjacking can be a great way to share a brand’s message quickly. Newsjacking allows you to pitch to journalists who are interested in content with regard to reactive and topical trends. This allows you...
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The Best Marketing Campaign Posters You’ve Ever Seen!

02/07/21 Digital Marketing

Most of these posters you will have seen before but just to let you know, this list is DEFINITIVE. Some of these posters were created to get the company out of a jam and others are just clever promos. A...
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How digital transformation can help SMEs grow online and increase revenue

17/06/21 Digital PR Digital Marketing

Many SMEs and entrepreneurs are going online and adopting eCommerce operations for success. With more than 70% of companies being online or having a digital transformation strategy in place, and 96% of UK households with internet access, SMEs and start-up...
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5 Examples Of Brands Nailing Their Email Marketing

15/06/21 Best Practices Digital Marketing

‘Is email marketing dead?’ is a blog title or LinkedIn post I often read amongst the digital marketing community. It’s a valid question in the post GDPR age, where huge amounts of time and effort need to be put into...
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google 3-pack- hairdressers

What is the Google 3-pack, and how can you optimise your website for it?

03/06/21 Digital Marketing SEO

The Google 3-pack is the top three results that are displayed for local search engine rankings. Using the location of the user who is searching, Google ensures the results are relevant to where they are based. The results are often...
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google core algorithm

Fix Your Core Web Vitals and Boost Your Rankings

26/05/21 SEO Digital Marketing Best Practices

There is an upcoming core Google update that will shake and change the world of web rankings and search engine optimisation as we know it. In the upcoming update, there will be three new search ranking signals added into Google’s ever-expanding and...
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shutterstock 732378577

Navigating The Future Marketing Landscape

24/05/21 Digital Marketing

In one of my previous blogs, I looked back to the roaring ’20s and how marketing strategies of that time have evolved, 100 years on. So, it’s only fitting that, now we’ve seen just how far we’ve come, we look...
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