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transferable skills for digital marketing

Here’s How my Master’s Degree in Media and Politics Helps to Bolster my Role in Digital Marketing

28/06/22 Digital PR Digital Marketing

When it comes to a Master’s degree, there are many key takeaways, skills and opportunities that this additional resource can offer. A Master’s degree is a stepping stone to new career opportunities – with a greater earning potential. Aside from...
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site migration considerations

7 Things To Consider When Planning a Site Migration

22/06/22 SEO Digital Marketing Best Practices

A site migration is typically a site wide change which could drastically affect search visibility. Whether you’re migrating your CMS platform, changing your domain name or having a site structure re-haul; any migration can impact performance. Let’s be honest, hearing...
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automation in digital marketing

Automation In PPC – 6 Useful Focuses

20/06/22 PPC Digital Marketing #TeamEmbryo

Automation has rapidly changed the landscape of PPC.  With this rapid change, the role of a PPC operative has changed with it. The focus of a digital marketer is becoming less about digital marketing as a lone concept and more...
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laura guillon - episode 4

5 Things We Learned From Episode 4 of Never Mind the Keywords with Laura Guillon

30/05/22 Digital Marketing

In 2022, Embryo took the next step to elevate the agency in the digital sphere by creating the podcast ‘Never mind the Keywords’. The series is hosted by a variety of experts at Embryo, from a range of sectors of...
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prisode 3 thumbnail

5 Things We’ve Learnt From Episode 3 of Never Mind the Keywords

26/05/22 Digital Marketing

In case you didn’t already know, here at Embryo, we’ve launched our very own podcast  – Never Mind The Keywords. Launched at the beginning of April, we have been speaking to some of Manchester’s best about their careers and examining...
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considerations before international seo

8 Things To Consider Before Launching an International SEO Campaign

25/05/22 SEO Digital Marketing Best Practices

Whether you’re considering a phased expansion overseas or going global, preparing your site to go international can be a scary step. Which is why preparation is key to success. You may have been working to improve your organic presence in...
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oatly milk alternative drink

Glebe Farm Vs. The Multinational Giants: Oatly

23/05/22 General Digital Marketing

You may have seen last year, very publically that Oatly brought a smaller independent business, Glebe Farm Foods to court over claims that their dairy alternative milk specifically the branding of their oat range was too similar to their brand.    ...
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never mind the keywords episode 2 rich tyrrell

5 Things We Learned From Episode 2 of Never Mind the Keywords with MYP’s Rich Tyrrell

20/05/22 Uncategorised News Digital Marketing

Just a short while ago I embarked on a new project at Embryo, by getting stuck in as a co-host for our brand new podcast, Never Mind The Keywords.  Over the first series myself and four colleagues have had the...
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Do I Need Google Analytics 4?

18/05/22 SEO Research Data News Digital Marketing Best Practices

It’s the news that everyone in the digital marketing world is talking about: GA4 is nearly here. But the question still looms: “Do I need Google Analytics 4?” It’s a great question. You’re probably very settled with the way that...
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5 things we've learnt from episode 1 of never mind the keywords

5 Things We’ve Learnt From Episode 1 of Never Mind the Keywords

17/05/22 Digital Marketing #TeamEmbryo

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ll have seen that we’ve launched our very own podcast at Embryo – Never Mind the Keywords! Over the course of a few weeks, we’ve interviewed some of Manchester’s...
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