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‘Hello [Name]. Can I Have A Link Please?’ – How To Improve Your Outreach

04/02/20 SEO Content

So, you’ve written a great blog. It’s phenomenal, in fact. But no one seems to be seeing it. You wait and you wait, but the traffic never comes and you’re left wondering what you’ve done wrong. After all, isn’t the...
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kobe bryant

The Mamba Mentality: What Kobe Bryant Taught Me About Writing (and Life)

03/02/20 Content

Last Sunday, January 26, 2020, the world came to a screeching halt following the news that NBA legend Kobe Bryant was killed. He was 41 years old. As a longtime basketball fan, this is still a shocking and tragic and...
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Content Mistakes You May Be Making & How To Fix Them

28/01/20 Content

Sometimes, it astounds me how little some people know about the power of content, and how important it is for a solid growth strategy. Even if you’re the prodigal sales mogul who could sell ice to an Eskimo – surely...
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The Importance of a Good Headline

23/01/20 SEO Content

At Embryo Digital, much of what we do is built on great content. We pride ourselves on not only writing excellent, well-researched and valuable long-form content for our clients (and ourselves!), but ensuring it’s SEO-optimised by implementing a range of...
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Why Your Content Strategies Need To Change In 2020 & How To Adapt

16/01/20 Content

Gone are the days when keyword-rich content, excessive linking and using exact-match domains are all you need to rule the ranking roost. The rapid growth of digital marketing means that increasing numbers of brands are engaging clients and customers with...
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Creativity With Kermit – Finding Fun In The Boring Bits

15/01/20 Digital Marketing Content General

It’s pretty easy for me to talk about creativity in my job – as a content writer, you’d be right to assume that I spend most of my days being ’creative’, but it’s not all flowing prose and descriptive poetry...
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AIDA: May I Have Your Attention Please?

08/01/20 Content

… And also your Interest, Desire and Action? I know, we all get pretty sick of marketing jargon and waffle. But writing thoughtful and creative content marketing isn’t always easy, so a little help is usually welcome. When it comes...
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a rusty funnel

Understanding the Funnel: Intent and Why Message Matters

08/01/20 Digital Marketing Content

 All too often, we see conversion rates as a straightforward 1-2-3 click journey- a simple, easily-charted process that takes users from a landing page to conversion smoothly and efficiently, like a production line. It’s an attractive idea, using simple metrics,...
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Your Favourite Content Writers' Favourite Writers

07/01/20 #TeamEmbryo Content

At Embryo Digital, content is the foundation of our company. Great content is what our SEO marketing service is built on and there’s no better reward than seeing our hard work get results for our clients. Thanks to our well-researched,...
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shutterstock 1389931163 scaled 1

5 Tips To Help You Win The Working From Home Battle

30/10/20 Content

We all know the feeling – the alarm is blaring, the sun is creeping through the curtains, and your bed has never felt comfier. It’s a common theme for those of us who have been working from home these past...
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