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The positive benefits of online gaming

How Gaming is Good for Your Mental Health During Lockdown

17/11/20 News Content Research

It’s no secret that the gaming community provides a haven for many, to enjoy some stress-free time amongst friends and tight-knit communities. These claims have led to thorough testing from prestigious universities like Oxford, who claim “video games are good...
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I Before E Unless It’s In The Dictionary

13/11/20 Content

And even then, there are exceptions to the rule. I’ve always been a stickler for correct grammar, and feel that when it comes to content and any form of written communication, it’s not only necessary, but a sign that you’ve...
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Writing Copy On A Budget? Here Are 9 Tips To Help You Write Your Next Piece Of Copy That Won’t Cost You A Penny

06/10/20 Best Practices Content

If you’re a business owner, content writer or a part of a marketing team you may have found yourself tightening your purse strings over the past few months with the global pandemic, an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and general monotony of...
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How to write great B2B content

01/10/20 Content

Here at Embryo, the content team loves writing and reading blogs that have great and actionable tips for writing great content. But when it comes to tips and guides about content marketing, a lot of it often revolves around B2C...
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Some of September’s best articles about content marketing

30/09/20 Content

Here at Embryo Digital, one of reasons for our ongoing and continued success is the way in which we deliver our clients impactful and results driven content marketing campaigns. Whether it be blogging, writing for ecommerce, landing pages, writing long...
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'Pssst...!' cartoon whispering

The Power Of Words In Marketing: Taglines & Slogans

11/09/20 Content

‘’Let’s go places’’ because ‘‘Impossible is Nothing’’. We can go ‘‘Everywhere you want to be’’, ‘‘Because you’re worth it’’. ‘’The Happiest Place on Earth’’ perhaps, or maybe we can ‘‘Fly the friendly skies’’? Then again, ‘‘Red Bull gives you wings’’....
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Rome wasn't built in a day

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day: Why Patience Is The Key To Content Marketing

01/09/20 SEO Content

Content Marketing is great. It can be incredibly effective by combining the power of the written word with the science-based elements of SEO. Both of these elements together can help plenty of businesses increase sales or grow an online presence. We...
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working remotely

5 Of The Best Places To Work Safely From In Manchester

18/08/20 Content

With us now being allowed to go outside, enjoy the fresh air and escape our abodes, I’ve been finding myself escaping my flat to find haunts in Manchester to work from. Looking at, and working in, the same 4 walls...
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Emotional Content vs Informational Content: It's On

17/08/20 Digital Marketing Content

5 years ago, when I was a third year university student, I had a lecture where everyone was asked to debate the pros and cons of emotional and informational-based advertising, and consider the appeals that were being used to draw...
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