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Painting With Words: Content Writing Tips Inspired By Bob Ross

26/01/22 Content

When Bob Ross first appeared on our screens back in 1983, ‘The Joy of Painting’ quickly grew into a cultural phenomenon that still has us reaching for a tube of Phthalo Blue nearly forty years after the pilot episode. Of...
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3 years

What I’ve Learned in 3 Years at Embryo

14/01/22 #TeamEmbryo Content

Time flies when you’re having fun, and this has never been more apparent to me than right now, on my 3rd work anniversary here at Embryo! Just under one year ago I wrote a post called “What I’ve Learned in...
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What The Snowman Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

29/12/21 Content Best Practices

Though there is much debate surrounding Die Hard being a Christmas movie, and whether films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Gremlins should be deemed more Halloween-esque than festive, no-one at Embryo can deny that The Snowman – the...
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managing a team

Transitioning to management: What are the differences?

22/12/21 #TeamEmbryo Content

Recently, I’ve taken the next step in my career at Embryo, having been promoted from the position of Content Executive to Content Account Manager; it’s a really exciting change and something that I definitely felt ready for, but as with...
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embryo slogan

6 Things I’ve Learned Since I Started with Embryo

14/12/21 #TeamEmbryo News Content

This week marks my fourth month working within Embryo’s incredibly talented content team. As I reflect on how much I’ve developed, not only in my role as a Content Executive, but also as a person, it seems only fitting to...
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fairytale of new york

Thoughts on the Christmas Music Market

10/12/21 General Content

It’s the festive season again, which I don’t need to tell anyone unless you’ve been living under a rock or using a Mayan calendar to track the days in 2021. As soon as December starts, we’re all inundated with festive...
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The Beginner’s Guide to Agency Time Management

03/12/21 Content

As one of Embryo’s newest additions to the content team, trying to hit the ground running in a fast-paced industry has been revitalising and, admittedly, sometimes a little overwhelming! Agencies thrive on a diet of great ideas, happy clients and...
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busy advertising city space

How to Succeed in Advertising: 23 Copywriting Tips for Writing Ads That Sell

22/11/21 Content Best Practices

  Writing persuasive content is something we live and breathe here at Embryo – but it is no easy feat. Unlike long-form content, with ad copy, there is often a huge limit on words and even more so on advertising...
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From Psychics To Pet Care: Content Writing For Varied Industries

17/11/21 Content

When asked what my favourite thing about working in content is, my #1 answer is always the variety of clients I get to work with and how much I learn about their businesses, markets and what makes them stand out...
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embryo's content marketing strategy

What makes Embryo’s content marketing stand out from the crowd?

09/11/21 Digital Marketing Content Strategy

Here at Embryo, we love looking for new, innovative ways to elevate our client’s content marketing strategy and produce the best possible results from every campaign – if we didn’t think like this, we wouldn’t be where we are today....
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