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Why office culture is key to digital agency success

30/03/19 Best Practices

I am now working at my fifth digital (well SEO) agency as either an SEO, technical director, head of research and development, head of strategy, or director. In each of these companies (apart from the first one, where it was...
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meditating at a busy desk to cope with anxiety

Self Care Tips For Managing Anxiety At Work

28/03/19 Best Practices

I think it’s fair to say that in the UK, generally, we are starting to discuss mental health and specifically anxiety much more, and it is slowly starting to lose its stigma. With national events such as Mental Health Awareness...
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What Makes A Great Website?

11/03/19 Best Practices Web Design

As a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of a great website. From its design and functionality to its ability to convert leads, there’s lots that urls can do. I may not be a designer, but having worked in...
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Why you need more than 1,000 words on your homepage

07/03/19 SEO Best Practices

Often, we are asked by web design firms of our clients (or sometimes from clients themselves) why we suggest that they should have anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 words on their homepages – and on many other key pages, too....
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writing content on notepad

What Makes Great Content?

06/02/19 Best Practices

Great content is one of the strongest tools in any digital marketer’s arsenal, as it can captivate, inspire and encourage readers to take action. Poor content, however, can bore and turn away potential customers, reducing the likelihood that they’ll ever...
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Lessons Learned From The World Of Content

25/01/19 Social Best Practices

Content can be powerful stuff. Used to build a brand’s story, attract people on search engines, connect with readers through blogs, articles and social media posts, as well as improve SERP rankings, there’s a lot that these carefully-orchestrated words can...
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The Importance Of An Operations Manager

17/01/19 Best Practices

‘Operations’ is defined as ‘an active process; a discharge of a function. The action of functioning or the fact of being active or in effect’. When I read this, I immediately felt a great sense of satisfaction and order, which...
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How To Measure Your Digital Marketing Campaign’s Success

17/01/19 Social Best Practices

A great ROI is the goal of every digital marketing campaign, and though leads and profit are the usual aims, goals can present themselves in various ways. Both SEO and social campaigns can be used to increase brand awareness, attract...
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website design on laptop and iphone

6 Great Things That All Successful Websites Share

03/12/18 Best Practices

One thing we love doing here at Embryo is designing and developing fully functioning websites that are chock-full of responsive design, encouraging touch points and content that is too good to miss. In this post, we look at 6 things...
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How To Create An Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

28/09/18 Best Practices

Considering that 57% of users wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile website to their friends, an effective mobile marketing strategy is clearly imperative to success. From building a responsive, engaging and multi-faceted online presence to creating optimised campaigns...
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