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How to stay creative while working from home

27/11/20 Best Practices Digital Marketing

It goes without saying that most of us have spent a lot more time working from home than expected in 2020. The team here at Embryo is no different. For eight months now, we have all been working remotely. Digital...
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Writing Copy On A Budget? Here Are 9 Tips To Help You Write Your Next Piece Of Copy That Won’t Cost You A Penny

06/10/20 Best Practices Content

If you’re a business owner, content writer or a part of a marketing team you may have found yourself tightening your purse strings over the past few months with the global pandemic, an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and general monotony of...
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Project Scoping and Planning: Our Processes

10/09/20 Best Practices Web Design Web Development

Managing UX and Development projects effectively is key to any successful project. You need to ensure that you provide your client with exactly what they want and need, and you need to do this in an efficient way. Through experience,...
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Hamster on a wheel

Feel Like A Hamster On A Wheel? Here Is How To Shake The Monotony From Your WFH Schedule

07/09/20 Best Practices General

It’s been knocking on for 6 months now since the UK went into lockdown and stopped us all being able to go to the pub without having to download an app and order after scanning a QR code. And I...
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6 WordPress plugins for better site optimisation

12/08/20 SEO Best Practices Web Design Web Development

In this blog I will outline some key WordPress plugins which we use here at Embryo Digital that you can use to improve the performance of your website, the plugins will improve scores by adding compression, expires, optimise files such...
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5 Tips for Writing a Cracking Instagram Caption

30/07/20 Digital Marketing Social Best Practices

Trying to stand out in the hectic, jam-packed world of Instagram isn’t an easy task. You can create amazing videos or images, but without the right caption, your content could be missed completely. According to a study by Microsoft, our...
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how to write engaging seo content

How To Ensure Your Content Is Well-Written And SEO Friendly

15/07/20 SEO Best Practices Content

Nicely written content and good SEO value – sounds like a dream, right? Surely these two unattainable goals can’t be achieved at the same time?! Lemme tell ya, they most definitely can and today I’m going to tell you how you can...
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5 Scripts that will work like your own assistant

10/07/20 Digital Marketing Best Practices PPC

Scripts are a long standing feature in PPC accounts, however are criminally underutilized. I found myself avoiding them when i first started in digital marketing as i didn’t want to damage my clients accounts or set something up incorrectly. Below...
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laptop with code

Website development tools to improve your workflow 

01/07/20 Best Practices Web Development

  This blog will go over a number of different web development tools and apps that would help improve your workflow when developing websites or apps. I’ve tried to pick ones that are widely available on all platforms and that...
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How to: Migrate website files over SSH with RSYNC

18/06/20 Best Practices Web Development

What this will cover This will cover a useful method of migrating website files between two machines using the command line interface, RSYNC (Remote Sync) the command we will use is a versatile command with great efficiency when transferring and...
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