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considerations before international seo

8 Things To Consider Before Launching an International SEO Campaign

25/05/22 SEO Digital Marketing Best Practices

Whether you’re considering a phased expansion overseas or going global, preparing your site to go international can be a scary step. Which is why preparation is key to success. You may have been working to improve your organic presence in...
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google analytics 4

Your guide to Google Analytics 4

24/05/22 Best Practices

By now you will be aware of Google Analytics 4. The all-powerful marketing tool that gives you an insight into everything your customer does. This wonderful new addition is taking the world by storm but what is it exactly and...
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Do I Need Google Analytics 4?

18/05/22 SEO News Digital Marketing Best Practices Research Data

It’s the news that everyone in the digital marketing world is talking about: GA4 is nearly here. But the question still looms: “Do I need Google Analytics 4?” It’s a great question. You’re probably very settled with the way that...
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digital marketing strategy planning

Why Digital Marketing Is Vital For Your Small Business

04/05/22 Digital Marketing Best Practices

Sales are essential to any business, but even more so to small businesses. In order to generate those sales, you need to be carrying out marketing activities that put your brand, products or services right at the forefront of your...
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content assets

Can content be used as more than just a great SEO tool in 2022?

29/03/22 SEO Digital Marketing Best Practices Content

Picture this: You click on a website as you’re browsing for a new laptop, and there are no words. No written information at all. You learn absolutely nothing beyond what the images show you. It’s not immersive, it’s not engaging,...
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backlinks and disavowing in 2022

Are Backlinks and Disavow Files Still Important for SEO in 2022?

22/02/22 SEO Digital Marketing Best Practices

Since initially rolling out the Google Penguin Update 4.0 back in 2012, there’s always been a huge debate around backlink profiles and links in general. Whether that’s a debate on links actually being a ranking factor, or follow vs nofollow...
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A Beginner’s Guide To Google’s New Performance Max Campaigns

18/02/22 PPC Best Practices

We have pulled everything you need to know about Google’s Performance Max and built a guide for beginners to understand what they are, why they can be useful, how they differ to other campaigns and when to use them. What...
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lily collins red carpet emily in paris

Emily in Paris: The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

18/01/22 Social Best Practices

What is Emily in Paris? Netflix is renowned for its binge-worthy series. From sitcoms to dramas, the streaming platform has something that will make everyone forget ‘portion control’ and devour a series in one sitting. One of the latest in...
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digital marketing channels

7 Digital Marketing Channels Your Business Should be Using

04/01/22 Digital Marketing Best Practices

What is Digital Marketing? Put simply Digital Marketing encompasses any online activities your business carries out in order to advertise to its key stakeholders. As these activities usually occur in real-time you can consistently track and measure the results of...
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the snowman content marketing

What The Snowman Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

29/12/21 Content Best Practices

Though there is much debate surrounding Die Hard being a Christmas movie, and whether films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Gremlins should be deemed more Halloween-esque than festive, no-one at Embryo can deny that The Snowman – the...
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