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Ecommerce App Marketing in 2020 vs 2021

19/11/21 Apps News

Customer behaviour has significantly changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and this can be seen across a wide range of eCommerce platforms, this has accelerated digital marketing performance growth by 4-6 years in just 18 months. Even now...
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colleague come up with a design for a webpage.

The Beginners Guide to UX and UI

07/10/21 Web Design Web Development Apps

Since entering the world of the Web 7 years ago, I have often found myself seeing references to both UI and UX being used interchangeably, but I have come to learn that there are indeed significant differences between the two...


Initial Data Shows That Only 4% Of Users Are Opting In To Ad Tracking On iOS

10/05/21 Digital Marketing Social Apps

As the privacy war on advertising continues to ramp up, Apple’s latest rollout of privacy-enhancing features included the option to deny apps the ability to track you across other websites and apps. It does this by restricting the app from...
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social media platforms

The Impact of Social Media on Your Mental Health

23/03/21 Social #TeamEmbryo Content General Apps

Social media is one of the largest parts of the internet – there’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube, and so many more at our disposal, with most people using a combination of these apps on a daily basis. Whilst...
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A Game Of Monopoly (And It Doesn't Involve A Board)

14/08/20 News Apps

As a marketer and self-confessed tech addict, monopoly is a word I’ve heard often out of the board game context. Google, for example, is often described monopolising the search market by pushing its own Search Engine through manufacturers being forced...
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