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Return On Ad Spend Increased by 57% During COVID-19

Tillett’s saw brilliant increases in their ROAS in April 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK.

Website Purchases increased by 32%.

From March to April 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown, Tillett’s saw website purchases increase by almost a third.

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Tillett’s is an award-winning, family-owned and operated fashion retailer, specialising in fast-rotating collections and a “One Size Clothing” model, to give women of all ages and sizes fresh, new and stylish options to really express themselves! Established in 2006, tilletts.co.uk offers customers both nationally and internationally the opportunity to order Tillett’s exceptional and inclusive products. The Tillett’s Experience is a huge part of the company ethos, and is embedded into all of the different elements of the company, including their marketing. We ran paid social media campaigns for Tillett’s, to help increase orders and deliver ROI, as well as expand the visibility and engage a wider audience with the company’s message.

The Problem

While performing well online, Tillett’s needed to increase their reach to obtain new customers and see a real return on their social media investment. Our primary focus was to increase reach on social media not just to improve brand awareness, but also to drive new customers to the site, all the way through to purchase. Tillett’s enlisted Embryo Digital to help their social media presence reach their potential

While initially very positive, the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown impacted heavily on Tillett’s and their business. With their physical shops in Cleethorpes and Louth closed, the e-commerce shop was the only stream of income for Tillett’s, and, like many other businesses in this sector, they saw a decrease in online revenue as well during the initial lockdown period.

This meant that we had to quickly and effectively switch strategy to bring this revenue stream back up for Tillett’s and ensure consistency and ROI for them in a time of great importance to their business.

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As part of our original strategy, we focused on lookalike audiences to reach more users. These lookalike audiences were based primary on interaction-based criteria to capture users that were ready to move through to purchase as quickly as possible. We also utilised retargeting campaigns to maintain a steady return throughout the campaign. These campaigns were also based around action-based criteria, such as viewing content, adding to cart, completing purchases and engaging with the brand on Facebook and Instagram. Through the implementation of this strategy, we saw significant increases in reach, purchases and ROAS (return on ad spend). 

As performance for Tillett’s dropped, it became clear that we needed to change our strategy. We quickly moved from increasing awareness to increasing purchases and ROAS as much as possible. We swiftly turned off ads that weren’t performing as well, and switched from a combination of lookalike audiences and retargeting, to primarily retargeting campaigns, as these were the campaigns that were driving the majority of the active users and ROAS. We also made a variety of tweaks to the active campaigns, including adapting the audiences, updating imagery and changing the main messages to include COVID-19 precautions, such as contactless delivery, to reassure the audience and encourage purchases. We also relaunched and promoted ads that would be more relevant for users during the lockdown, such as 2 for £35 basics, t-shirts and joggers.

From these actions, we saw purchases increase, cost per purchase decline and an increase in ROAS to even better than pre-lockdown. As a result of swift action and intelligent campaign management, Tillet’s saw their account stabilise and performance pick back up. From this position, we focused on gradually increasing the audience while also ensuring that ROAS and purchases remained high.

Through strong campaign management from the Embryo Social team, Tillett’s were able to continue operating successfully throughout lockdown, and are in an excellent position to increase reach and sales going forward.

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