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Social Media Performance

March 2020 – ROAS (return on ad spend) 7.26 

April 2020 – ROAS 12.98, revenue increased month on month by £36,609.95 📈

May 2020 – ROAS 13.44, revenue increased month on month by £63,790.93 📈

June 2020 – ROAS 16.34, revenue increased month on month by £111,468.82 📈 

*Return on ad spend is calculated by dividing your ad revenue by your ad spend. The higher the number, the higher the return. E.g. if your ROAS is 5 and you spend £100, your return will be £500, but if your ROAS is 20 and you spend £100, your return will be £2,000.

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Tillett’s is an award-winning, family-owned and operated fashion online retailer, specialising in fast-rotating collections and a “One Size Clothing” model, to give women of all ages and sizes fresh, new and stylish options to really express themselves. Established in 2006, tilletts.co.uk offers customers both nationally and internationally the opportunity to order Tillett’s exceptional and inclusive products. We run paid social media campaigns for Tillett’s, to help increase orders and deliver ROI, as well as expand the visibility and engage a wider audience with the company’s message.

The Problem

Tillett’s approached Embryo to run their paid social media campaigns as they had hit a ceiling. They were consistently bringing in results and their return on ad spend (ROAS) was averaging around 9 each month, so they were clearly running a profitable campaign. The problem that Tillett’s encountered was that they were spending too much time running the campaigns themselves and they were reaching the same audience repeatedly, with frequencies running as high as 22. Effectively, they were exhausting their audience. To resolve this, we immediately implemented growth strategies that would simultaneously increase ROAS whilst increasing reach and growing the customer base.

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To achieve Tillett’s goals, we knew that it was going to be a balancing act between generating the most revenue, which usually comes from the retargeting campaigns, and reaching new, cold audiences that weren’t as likely to convert. To achieve this perfect balance, we introduced Lookalike Campaigns based on valuable actions taken on the site. As a well established brand with already successful campaigns running, there was a wealth of data available that just hadn’t been utilised previously

Our team took a deep dive into the world of Tillett’s, becoming experts in their products, lines and collections, allowing us to really tailor our campaigns to what was performing the best, what wasn’t really selling and the bestselling items that were being restocked. With this reactive approach to social advertising for eCommerce, we took a well performing account and turned it into an overperforming account. Within five months, the Lookalike Campaigns that started at a ROAS of 2.5, are now averaging 12, and the retargeting campaigns now averaging over 16.


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