Re-enhance Medical and Dental Clinic


Re-enhance Medical and Dental Clinic are a well established non-surgical aesthetics clinic based in Hale, Cheshire. With a team of highly renowned industry experts, specialising in a wide variety of treatments, from dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to bodysculpting and fat reduction treatments, Re-enhance are well placed to become a highly successful aesthetic clinic in the area. They also offer their own revolutionary Bio-ID Hormone treatments, which have been a huge success within the aesthetics industry and are now offered by aesthetic practitioners all over the country. Practice leader, Dr. Martin Kinsella, is highly regarded within the industry, with a residency in Harrods in London and a dedicated customer base.

The Challenge:

By November 2018, despite having a great team of expert doctors, dentists and aesthetic therapists, Re-enhance’s online presence was very weak, and they were struggling to gain new aesthetic clients. In order to improve their business, the number of treatments they were carrying out needed to grow, and their presence on social media needed to be considerably stronger.

With several industry leading practitioners in the clinic, they also wanted to promote the personal brands of their key doctors, to help make them stand out in the crowded aesthetics market. In an area with a high number of aesthetic clinics, Re-enhance’s expert doctors were being drowned out by the high volume of competitors.

Re-enhance’s social media presence was severely lacking, and their engagement levels were also underperforming. This signals that they weren’t targeting the right audience for their business and reducing the impact their posts had with their audience. This also meant that their click through rate and conversions from social media were very poor, showing that as a business, they were putting time and money into a marketing channel which was showing no considerable return on investment.

The Solution:

We started by carrying out our signature ‘deep dive’ into the social media presence of Re-enhance Clinic, to better understand their strengths and weaknesses both as a company and in their current social media marketing efforts. This approach also allows us to get a great feel for who they are as a business and understand the kind of voice and audience they are looking to capture.

We saw that while their activity on social media was consistent, their engagement was low, and that they weren’t capturing the attention of their target audience across any of their platforms.

Despite the excellent reputation of their key doctors among their industry peers, in their local area their staff didn’t have much of a personal brand following, despite some fantastic opportunities for personal brand building outside of their social presence. They weren’t taking advantage of potential USPs in their doctors, and were losing out on valuable conversions as their social media output wasn’t emphasising their strengths, or engaging their followers.

When we took over this client’s social presence for full (paid) ads creation and management, we made a point of taking time to understand their business and their audience, to allow us to create engaging content that Re-enhance’s followers want to interact and engage with.


Creating a Hypertargeted Audience

  • To help increase engagement from Re-enhance’s followers, we had to ensure that the audience for their content was an audience that would actually be interested and invested in what they have to say.
  • To do this, we created a specific, highly targeted and curated audience to ensure that the content is getting the highest possible level of engagement.
  • We used the Facebook pixel to help re-engage website visitors on social media. Using this technology, we can recognise users who have an interest in Re-enhance and have visited their site, but who aren’t ready to convert yet. Using Facebook pixel, we can target these users specifically by creating remarketing ads to keep the clinic at the forefront of their minds, and persuade them to convert.
  • We also curated a hyper-targeted, local audience to make sure all the posted content and ads would be seen by users that can instantly see the value and use Re-enhance can have for them.
  • By curating a smaller, more engaged and effective audience, we have also been able to add value to Re-enhance’s campaigns by making them considerably more affordable, and averaging a hyper-targeted website traffic cost of only 11p per click.

    Creating an Engaging Content Strategy

    • Creating social-first blog content allowed us to give the audience valuable, entertaining information on topics highly relevant to them, as well as giving them information that can’t always be conveyed in the shorter Facebook ad format. This helped us to drive meaningful traffic from Re-enhance’s social media channels to the website.
    • Due to our in-depth understanding of Facebook’s algorithm and what makes it tick, we also encouraged video posting, to ensure we are continuously engaging users. As a result of this consultative advice, 11,000 minutes of video content have been watched since Embryo Digital took over Re-enhance’s social media presence.
    re-enhance case study

    Brand Building

    • We started to build up the personal brands of Re-enhance’s doctors, including practice leader Dr. Martin Kinsella and Dr. Jane Leonard. We did this on both Facebook and Instagram.
    • By creating content based on Dr. Kinsella’s specialisms and skills, we were able to increase awareness and grow his personal brand among his target audience. This also coincided with Dr. Kinsella’s appearance on the Real Housewives Of Cheshire, which we could leverage to help grow his personal brand and increase awareness of the clinic on a national scale.
    • We used a similar approach to increase awareness of Dr. Jane Leonard, a highly accomplished aesthetic doctor with a specialism in popular dermal filler treatments, including expertise in administering and correcting lip fillers, an increasingly popular non-surgical treatment.


    Since Embryo Digital’s takeover of Re-enhance’s social media:

    • We have increased engagement from their audience considerably. 
    • Re-enhance Medical and Dental clinic have seen over 12,500 users visiting their website from social, which is an exponential increase in traffic.
    • Their new messaging conversations and enquiries through direct messages on their social platforms have also increased by 2,325%, showing that our strategies are interesting and engaging to the targeted user base, and have been helping them to convert by contacting the clinic.
    • The clinic has also gained hundreds of hyper-targeted and highly invested new page followers, and are now reaching 100,000s of users monthly, and receiving 1000s of engagements on their posts from their new, loyal follower base.

    Going forward, we plan to expand their audience further by continuing to utilise our highly targeted techniques and innovative social-first content strategies.

    If you want to find out more about Embryo Digital and our services, including social media management, contact us today.

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