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Our Performance

Within a year, the following happened to the Prity Skincare site.

Increased Organic Traffic by 271%

Through writing content, and targeting a new range of higher-performing key phrases, we have grown organic traffic by almost three-fold. And it is still increasing. 

Increased Website Sessions by 218%

Due to our new design, and much more focused web visitors, time on the site per user has more than doubled.

Increased Goal Conversion Rate to 8.25%

Since the website was set live, the goal conversion rate has increased to 8.25%. Conversions are predominantly phone calls (which are better performing enquiries than email enquiries for Prity), although there has also been a significant increase in contact form enquiries from both the home page, the contact us page, and the individual treatment pages. 


Prity Skincare is an award-winning beauty salon offering luxury spa, hair and beauty treatments in Bradford. From fruit-infused facials and ayurvedic massages to eyebrow microblading, mesotherapy, massages, Prity has something for everyone, as well as Bradford’s first Turkish Haman – great for increasing body metabolism, stimulating circulation, relieving stress and keeping the skin looking youthful and fresh. Along with boasting their own natural skincare range – which includes, ‘Hair Repair Replenishing Conditioner’, ‘De-Stress Under Eye Cream’, ‘Chandrika Glow Balm’ and ‘Soundarya Skin Brightening Face Wash’ – they take their role in the community very seriously, fundraising for charities such as Macmillan Cancer Care as part of the CSR. With the health and safety of their clients always at the forefront of their operations, they ensure that all clients leave their salon feeling relaxed, looking rejuvenated and always wanting to come back for more.

The Problem

The website for Prity Skin Care desperately needed a makeover. It didn’t reflect the quality of the brand or the luxury experience that guests receive in salon. The site wasn’t mobile or conversion rate optimised, and the bounce rate was therefore extremely high. The colour scheme that had been used resulted in the text being illegible, and the content itself was unstyled, meaning that the user had to scroll through paragraphs of text without being able to easily digest the information that they were looking for.

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The Solution


We built a bespoke WordPress website which truly portrays the serenity of the salon. Prity is a fantastic photographer, so we used the images she had taken of the salon as well as using delicate iconography and some stock imagery. You will notice that we used the beautiful mandala logo throughout the site as a watermark, subtly referencing the brand throughout the design. The key treatments that Prity wanted to promote (massages, threading, nano eyebrows and facials) were placed from and centre on the home page for users to navigate straight to, with the rest of the treatments being accessible from the well organised mega menu. You will see that there are multiple different calls to action which draw the eye without distracting from the beauty of the website. There are the ‘get in touch’ buttons which open up into quick contact forms with minimal fields to enter, as well as full contact forms on every page which call the user to book an appointment for the specific treatment they are looking at. 

The internal pages needed to contain multiple different types of content which needed to be displayed in different ways. We wanted to present prices, the process, FAQ’s, different treatment options, images and so on, all on the same page. We also needed these to be easy for Prity’s team to update and edis, so we used advanced custom fields to build segments into the pages. These are optional, so if one treatment didn’t have a set price list, the section could be hidden from the page in the CMS.

The Implementation


Full of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and missing information, the content on the original website did not present Prity Skincare as the reputable, friendly and customer-focused business it is now known for. We therefore proofread, edited and updated the whole website, ensuring, among other things, that each treatment page emphasised its skin-boosting benefits, and differentiated the available options for ease of choice. Placing the founder, Prity Farooq, at the centre, we included a page all about her journey from Jamshedpur, India and her training in New Delhi – where she learnt all about the ancient herbal and Ayurvedic remedies that she brought with her to the UK when she opened her flagship shop in 2005. Because Prity is known for providing authentic treatments, we wanted this authenticity to flow throughout the content, and so we gave the website a new T.O.V. too. 

Along with new meta titles and descriptions that encourage potential website visitors from the SERP, the content has greatly improved since we got our hands on it.

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