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Our Performance

Increased Average Time Spent On The Website By 1m 40s

Since the new website launched, Portman Recruitment has seen a 1m 40s increase in the average time spent on the website by users.

Increased Unique Visitors by 1200%

Since the launch of Portman Recruitment’s new website, the number of unique visitors viewing the website has seen an increase of 1200%.

Increased Website Conversions by 1100%

From potential candidates filling out job applications to getting in touch for more information, goal completions through the website have increased by 1,100%.

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We designed a new website for Portman, as well as managing their Google Ads, Social Media, SEO & Content Marketing Campaigns.

In the first month of their new website & PPC campaign going live, Portman Recruitment went from having zero online enquiries to having 32 conversions from job hunters.

The average position of their Google ads is 1.10, beating their competitors to the coveted top spot. 

They are already ranking in positions 1-10 for council jobs keywords in locations they target such as Shropshire, Tameside, Blackburn, Bolton and Knowsley, and are on the cusp of page 2 for “social work agency” keywords.


Portman Recruitment are an independent recruitment consultancy specialising in the social work sector. They continuously and successfully match candidates with their ideal work placements at local authorities around Greater Manchester and around the UK, and pride themselves on delivering superb service to the social workers they bring on as candidates. 

The Problem

Portman had a great reputation with the social workers who had worked with them, and maintained excellent relationships with all of their existing candidates but needed to get more candidates on board. 

Their website didn’t represent the amazing service they give, there was no call to action, the stock images were dated and didn’t fit the brand, and the jobs feed was difficult for the staff to update. Any candidates looking for a “Social Work Agency” or “Social Work Jobs” on Google wouldn’t have found them because they weren’t ranking, and the content was uninspired. 

So, Portman asked for our help. 

embryo digital embryo digital
embryo digital portman recruitment new website embryo digital

The Solution

We designed Portman a new WordPress website which really shows off what they have to offer a social worker. We made sure that users of the site could apply for jobs easily, and upload their CV quickly if a perfect role wasn’t listed. 

We added thousands of words of rich and informative content to the home page and internal pages, and we have continued to write and add additional pages to the site as part of their ongoing SEO retainer, such as the Job Glossary page. 

Once the new website was set live, we launched a creative PPC campaign to drive valuable traffic to the website. Combined with email marketing and social ads, Portman’s campaigns are off to a flying start and the CV’s have been flying into their inboxes. 

The Results 

In month 1 of the site and PPC campaigns going live, Portman went from having zero enquiries through the website to having 32 conversions from job hunters.

Their SEO campaign is off to a fantastic start, and they are already ranking in positions 1-10 for council jobs keywords in locations they target such as Shropshire, Tameside, Blackburn, Bolton and Knowsley, and are climbing the rankings for the competitive “social work recruitment” and “social work agency” keywords.

Their average position for their paid ads is already 1.10, and the stats are continuing to improve in their second month of the campaign being live. Watch this space for more from this fantastic company!

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