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SEO Performance

108% increase in overall keyword visibility year on year.

Poppies saw their overall keyword visibility more than double, and some individual branches saw increases of over 200%.

56% increase in average time on site post-site launch.

Since the launch of their new website, Poppies have seen an increase of over 50% in the time users spend on their site.


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Poppies is a national cleaning service, with branches all over the UK. They are one of the most highly regarded providers in the industry, with a unique approach to their service offering. Poppies specialise in high-end, bespoke cleaning service plans, created to perfectly fit around the lifestyles of their clients and give them more time to spend with their family and loved ones. Poppies ethos is based around the exceptional quality of service, as well as consistency, transparency and flexibility, to provide their clients with end-to-end domestic cleaning services that work perfectly for their needs and lifestyle. Embryo Digital worked with Poppies to create a brand new, updated website, fully optimise for an increased presence in search engine results pages and utilise content creation to improve both SEO and user experience.

The Problem

We started working with Poppies in June 2019, as they needed a new website that was fully optimised for search engines, while also offering a wide variety of specific features necessary as part of the business model and operations. This included the need for multiple “micro-sites”, one for each of the branches. This would allow each location to edit their own “website” to the needs of their branch, their service offering and any other relevant information for local users and prevent duplicate content on the site, while still remaining clear, user-friendly and fully optimised for presence in the SERPs in each region.


The old site, while functional, was messy and didn’t reflect the high-end service that Poppies offers their clients, or the experience that users can expect when they sign up with their local Poppies branch. There was also a considerable volume of duplicate content on the website, much of which didn’t offer users or search engines much useful insight into the service offering or philosophy of Poppies.

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The Solution

The Website

As part of the extensive website project, we carried out a full re-design of the Poppies website, updating the visual identity of the brand while working within the guidelines of the existing Poppies branding. By making subtle changes to existing visuals and creating new visual elements that fit seamlessly with the existing identity of the brand and its distinctive, long-standing colour scheme, our web team were able to update the Poppies website for today, without losing any of the brand’s integrity or foundational visual elements.

The website development process was vital to the success of the project as a whole, as we needed to create a skeleton for more than 20 micro-sites, and give each of them a certain degree of flexibility and autonomy, while maintaining visual cohesiveness and ensuring ease of navigation for users between branches and locations. We also incorporated intelligent search functionality to allow potential clients to easily navigate to their local Poppies microsite.


The microsite structure was also vital for effective SEO, as it allows each branch to function as a separate entity when it comes to search engine algorithms, thereby preventing any confusion with regards to location or service offering in the eyes of Google and other search engines. We worked directly with 6 of the 22 Poppies branches for SEO, to improve their presence on local listings and SERPs, and introduce the Poppies brand to potential clients in their area. Through our unique 170-point SEO audit, we were able to identify any technical SEO issues that needed attention, allowing the team to move forward confidently and with clarity as to the strengths and weaknesses of the site

We utilised a content-heavy strategy for each of the Poppies locations, to reduce the volume of duplicate content that previously existed on the site, and provide both users and search engines with keyword-rich content that provides valuable information. As we designed and developed the site with additional longform content in mind, this also doesn’t negatively impact the user experience. A well-designed, longform content strategy instead gives users everything they need to make an informed purchase decision on the Poppies site, and provides search engines with comprehensive information about the business and its services.

Through the careful and intelligent application of a variety of services, including website design, development, technical SEO and content marketing, Embryo Digital were able to create effective and lasting improvements to Poppies’ digital footprint.

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