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Our Performance 

Since implementing a tailored outreach and link building campaign, we have seen a fantastic increase in users, sessions and new users, when compared year on year.

Increased Overall Website Users by 32%

Increased New Users by 42%

Increased Website Sessions by 13%

30+ primary keywords significantly improved in Google rankings (and many more secondary keywords)

We are delighted to see these results, and as we continue our strategy for Order Office Furniture, we will see these statistics continue to increase.


Order Office Furniture is an online store with a showroom based in Huddersfield. They came to us in 2018 to grow their business and wanted our help using our specialist outreach techniques. Even though they as a business had great credibility and local reach, they wanted to expand their horizons and show an even greater number of people how worthwhile they are as a business and why companies no matter how large or small should use them for their office-based needs.

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The Problem

Though Order Office Furniture was, and still are, a highly-commended and reputable business, their professionalism and candour as a business was not being presented well on their website. We also found that the business as a whole didn’t have a very good presence online. Links were the issue and links were the solution – there were no links pointing to or from the site, leaving them at the bottom of the pile when it came to the search engine results pages. The only way to get the website and brand some presence was to improve their linking strategy and make sure that their site was out there across the web for all to see.

The Challenge

With all things, there is a challenge, and with Order Office Furniture, it was one that we had to win. The primary challenge was that the business was not exciting users enough to click through, so we needed to switch up our approach.

We started by asking ourselves the all-important questions:

Why does the user need to be encouraged to click through? What does the user need from us to get there? How can we most effectively implement all of this?

By putting ourselves in the eyes of the user, we were able to see what we needed to do and using our technical know-how, understood why this was important, and were able to put together a relevant and comprehensive strategy to help Order Office Furniture get back on track.

Outreach & Link Building.

We contacted universities, schools and other businesses that we knew would at some point have a need for high-quality office furniture, and offered them a discount code for Order Office Furniture’s products and services. Giving a discount to all these institutions allowed us to get the name ‘Order Office Furniture’ out to the wider community. This part of our outreach strategy encompassed not only Order Office Furniture’s local area of Huddersfield, but also nationwide, to increase the potential for opportunities for the business.

The main aim of our outreach strategy was to build up Order Office Furniture’s brand. In addition to the company’s current customers in their local area, we wanted to build a new customer base across the UK, which would affect the business and brand in a positive way and giving Order Office Furniture’s brand a national spotlight, targeted to high-quality potential customers.

As well as B2C outreach, link building was another key aspect of the strategy for Order Office Furniture. By link building, we were able to build links pointing towards the site, which helps to improve the authority of the site in the eyes of Google and other search engines, and helping to lift them up the search engine rankings. in turn, this means that they will be seen by more potential users who are searching for the company or for services similar to Order Office Furniture’s.

To make this happen, we started writing blog posts about the site and topics relevant to their industry, while also linking to the pages on Order Office Furniture’s site that we wanted to improve the rankings of. We then posted them to external sites focusing on relevant and similar topics, such as office furniture blogs or interior design blogs, which improved the authority and quality of those website pages in the eyes of search engines. This strategy boosted Order Office Furniture’s search engine rankings massively, ensuring that potential customers would easily be able to find the site, and increasing the brand’s exposure.

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