Order Office Furniture

The Problem

Though Order Office Furniture were, and still are, a highly-commended and reputable business, their professionalism and candour as a business was not being presented well on their website. We also found that the business as a whole didn’t have a very good presence online. Links were the issue and links were the solution. The only way to get the website and brand some presence was to make sure that their site was out there across the web for all to see.

The Solution

Outreach & link building.

We contacted universities, schools and other businesses that we knew would have a need for furniture. Giving a discount to all those above allowed us to get the name ‘Order Office Furniture’ out there to the wider community, not only around the location of the showroom in Huddersfield but to the national community across the UK as well.

Building the brand was the main aim via outreach. Adding onto the current customers in the local area, we wanted to build a new customer base which would affect the business and brand in a positive way by having a larger view from national customers.

Link building was a key point in the strategy for Order Office Furniture, as we wanted to build links to achieve greater reach to users as well as helping Google to see the site in a better light. By writing 5 blogs and linking to the desired pages that we wanted to rank, we then posted them on external sites about the relevant topic, such as office furniture blogs or interior design blogs, ensuring that potential customers would see them.


The result of our work was significant and we got the results we desired. The outreach result bought in traffic and potential customers to the site. This is the result we hoped for and now we know this strategy works we can build on this and create more traffic and potential customers.

The result we got from link building was higher rankings, Using our rank tracking tools we saw a gradual increase in rankings for certain keywords which is a long term advantage for the site and business. We believe that link building helped bring traffic to the site via the blogs we had written not just the ranking increase which will automatically bring more traffic, page views and sessions.


  • Since link building for the site, we have seen an increase in traffic (average over all pages is a 20% increase in traffic) to certain pages on the site, including the homepage and product pages.
  • Ranking improvements: We saw and continue to see a huge increase in rankings for over 36 major keywords such as, ‘Luxury Office Desks, ‘Executive Office Furniture’ and many more. The rankings continue to climb and we are seeing positive traffic increases from these results. 
  • Visibility has increased by 4.92% over a very short time space, this is significant as it is over several pages and we continue to see this figure increase.
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