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Our Performance

Organic sessions have increased by 137% and organic users by 138% since the start of the SEO campaign

138% of the new organic users have added to session increases by becoming returning users, organic users can have more than one session meaning that this will add to the amount of returning users to the site.

Through paid search we reached over 410,000 users

With a brand new campaign and advert build for Miller Metcalfe, this was an opportunity to target a whole new audience and generate brand awareness in new and existing locations and areas. With our campaigns, we reached over 410,000 users with Miller Metcalfe’s brand message and services.

Miller Metcalfe ranks number 1 for ‘Estate Agent’ location searches, e.g. ‘estate agents bury’, ‘estate agents harwood’, and all nearby locations.

Ranking No. 1 for Estate Agents terms was the main KPI in the campaign, we managed to achieve this by implementing our SEO strategy.

When compared to competitors, Miller Metcalfe ranks higher for an average of 20 more keywords

In a competitive market, or in any market even, appearing before competitor results is pretty important. It means you get to be seen first, getting the first opportunity to tempt the user with your business. 

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Miller Metcalfe are a trusted and friendly estate agency whose services spread across the North West. Whether they are selling your home so you can move up the ladder, or you’re a first-time buyer, they provide a range of professional services to help make the process more of a pleasure than a headache.


With a large number of branches across the North West, some of which are new, brand awareness was at the forefront of the PPC campaign. We also wanted to make the campaign as specific as possible to ensure we were getting the most relevant traffic through, with as little budget waste as possible, and so we built a separate campaign for each area. This was slightly problematic as some areas were less known than others, these campaigns needed a boost in brand awareness, yet the more popular areas needed a wider reach strategy and so we found that we needed a bigger budget than we had. The Cost Per Click in the real estate industry is usually on the higher end so being savvier in a strategy is really important.

Miller Metcalfe had trouble cementing themselves in their local areas such as Bolton, Bury, and Blackburn. They experienced fluctuations rankings and traffic due to this and wanted our help to ensure the rankings stayed at no. 1 especially for terms such as ‘Estate Agent Bolton/Bury/Blackburn’.

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We found an answer to the problem by becoming more reactive with the account and running just two campaigns at a time, depending on which areas needed boosting at a given point. This allowed the budget to spread further, allowing the adverts to show more often as well as higher up on the SERP. 

We changed our strategy and evolved from a more brand awareness approach to one that was for lead generation specific to online valuations. Introducing remarketing lists and display adverts was an important part of the strategy, especially as this is a market of a longer user journey. Getting users back onto site after leaving was integral when looking for a better quality lead as their interest had already been peaked.

To solve the problem on the organic side, we needed to make a local-focused strategy, this had to be done for each of the 10 branches Miller Metcalfe has. Each branch had to be targeted specifically, we looked at the work done previously and kept that as a base line, treating it like we were starting again. Using citations and local keyword targeting in the content, over time the rankings increased nationally, proving that local targeting helps build the national brand.

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