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Our Performance in SEO

We are comparing the results of this SEO campaign from when Embryo first took on the account in July 2019, to those of five months later in December 2019, and looking at how our work has made a positive change.

Increased overall site visibility by 30%

Hairshark is now appearing for more searches than before.

Increased organic traffic by over 880%

Due to the increase in visibility overall, organic traffic has increased.

Increased organic page views by 445%

Page views count as a single user viewing the URL in the SERPs.

Increased organic sales by over 145%

Sales from non-paid sources have increased since July, making the ROI increase too.

Our Performance in Social Media

We are looking at the results of this Social Media campaign from July, August and September 2019 (Quarter 3) when Embryo first took on the account, compared to those of October, November and December 2019 (Quarter 4).

Increased reach by 54.38%

Using a strategic approach, we increased reach by 54.38% in Q4.

Increased transactions from social by 40.68%

Transactions increased by over 40% due to our precise targeting and understanding of the audience.

Increased video views by 92.20%

Video was extremely vital for the growth of Hairshark’s brand awareness online and video views increased significantly in Q4.

Increased checkout initiations by 220.35%

Through the use of strategic targeting and custom audiences, we increased checkout initiations massively in Q4.

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Hairshark brought us the World’s first two-sided backcombing brush, which is a revolutionary tool in hair styling. The brush has been gaining a lot of celebrity attention and is taking the UK hair-styling scene by storm! Their mission is for their clients to achieve salon-quality hair at home, they want their clients to be able to have fuller and more volumised hair without a trip to the salon. After years of perfecting the product, creators Jo and Anders got the opportunity to go on the Channel 4 show Buy It Now and the rest is history. Hairshark approached Embryo to help boost their sales through technical SEO and Social Media Marketing. 

The Problem

The client had low-level visibility for a small number of non-brand keywords, with organic traffic only coming from brand keywords. This meant that only a small amount of people saw Hairshark on the SERP.

Hairshark had never used Social Media Advertising prior to working with us, so their online presence was fairly minimal. Trust and reputation are key in achieving sales through social, so without that initial foundation, Hairshark wasn’t seeing any results.

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The Solution

We needed to gain traction from a wider net of keywords and so we targeted more generic and more popularly searched keywords to ensure more organic traffic. Using link building, content and on-page optimisation, we targeted the relevant keywords which we found when doing in-depth keyword research. From here we soon started to rank the site for the chosen terms and now we can see traffic couple from multiple keywords! This has had a really positive impact on the campaign when we look at traffic, site visibility and the all-important sales!

From a Social Media point of view, we had to focus primarily on boosting their overall brand awareness and driving website traffic before any conversion-focused adverts. In such a competitive market as haircare, we had to ensure that Hairshark was shown as the innovative, effective product that it was. The key to increasing the awareness of the brand was video adverts. With clear, demonstrative videos emphasising the benefits of the product, the audience became engaged meaning website traffic and brand awareness increased dramatically. Now equipped with a larger and more engaged audience, we launched the conversion side of the campaign and began increasing sales.

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