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SEO Performance

Organic keyword growth increased by 280%

Our longform content strategy helped to identify hundreds of relevant keywords, nearly tripling the number of organic searches Elite Aesthetics appears under. 

Conversions increased by 176%

Through a new, user-friendly site and a content strategy focused on information to move users down the sales funnel, we saw an incredible increase in conversions year on year.

Conversion rate increased by 113%

While conversions have seen an increase on Elite Aesthetics’ site, so has the proportion of site traffic that is relevant, engaged and ready to convert as a result of our website and SEO efforts.

New organic users increased by 76%

The number of new users to Elite Aesthetics’ website increased year on year as a result of greater visibility in organic searches.

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Elite Aesthetics is a leading non-surgical aesthetics practice based in Kent. The clinic is led by Dr. Shirin Lakhani, who is a specialist and an industry leader in intimate health. Elite Aesthetics perform a variety of non-surgical procedures, from dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to cutting edge treatments like Vampire Facials, Plexr Soft Surgery and Ultra Femme 360. They pride themselves on being a doctor-led practice and on their safe, ethical approach to aesthetics treatments. They are passionate about the potential that non-surgical aesthetics has, and always strive to be ahead of the curve for the development of new technology and treatments in the industry.

The Problem

Elite Aesthetics started working with us in December 2018, when they were finding enquiries starting to decline. We found that while their presence on social media was good, their website was lacking in high-quality content and wasn’t well optimised for their location or key services. There was a distinct lack of information about their treatments available, which meant the benefits of their more revolutionary treatments weren’t being conveyed to potential clients, and that there was considerable potential to build trust with users that remained untapped. The website was also poorly visually designed, and didn’t reflect the luxury, exemplary service and high quality of care clients feel at Elite Aesthetics’ clinic. As a clinic with a fantastic offline reputation and highly-skilled practitioners, it was important to ensure that Elite Aesthetics was able to reach its full potential online as well.

Through an intelligently integrated content, SEO and web design/development strategy, we were able to access the full potential of Elite Aesthetics, and bring it to their users in a meaningful way that increased enquiries and conversions exponentially.

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The Solution

The Website

We created a completely new, bespoke website for Elite Aesthetics, including new, high quality and personalised images showcasing the clinic, its staff and its capabilities. The site is designed with SEO optimisation and longform content in mind by utilising an aesthetic template that content can flow easily and beautifully around, while reflecting the customer experience at the clinic. The site is fully optimised for mobile and puts the clinic’s USPs front and centre.

The classic black, white and gold colour palette is beautiful and luxurious, highlighting the incredible experience clients have at Elite Aesthetics.

Focusing on Elite Aesthetics’ Medical Director, Dr. Shirin’s reputation as an industry leader, the team’s experience and high-quality work, as well as the clinic’s strong stance on ethical practice, we are able to show users the things that make Elite Aesthetics a standout in the industry. All of these elements of the business model existed before we began working with Elite Aesthetics, but they weren’t being conveyed to potential clients in any consistent way, leaving users with crumbs of social proof and indicators of trustworthiness. We brought these elements to the forefront of the website, allowing users to now begin building trust with the business as soon as they land on the site. The integration of content within the web design process was vital for this client to maximise the effectiveness of the user journey on this new, sleek website.


The content on Elite Aesthetics’ site was thin, unstructured and wasn’t SEO optimised. We used a longform content strategy on a variety of their treatment pages to improve their authority in the eyes of search engines. This content was highly optimised for relevant keywords, but also for usability and readability. This approach allows search engines to understand the pages across the site and therefore clearly identify the kind of terms they should be ranking for, moving Elite Aesthetics up the SERP for a variety of key services and increasing visibility sitewide.

This longform strategy is also (despite any indications to the contrary) incredibly user-friendly. Longform content contains enough expert information and depth on each key service to give potential clients everything they need to know to make an informed decision on their treatment in one place, something that is increasingly vital in an industry where honesty, transparency, and the creation of trust are of the utmost importance to create genuine conversions. The large amount of content on each treatment page also makes sure potential clients don’t need to navigate to different sites or competitors to get all the information they need before making their treatment decision.

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