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Our Performance in SEO

Comparing year on year (2018/2019).

Increased the number of page 1 keywords by 164%

Before you can rank number 1 on the SERP you need to rank on page 1.

Increased form conversions by 38%

At the heart of every Digital Marketing strategy is the main aim to increase conversions, leads, business, etc.

Increased new organic users by 36%

The main KPI of an SEO campaign is to increase the volume of organic users to site.

Increased non-branded impressions by 185% & non-branded clicks by 80%

The positive effects of casting a wider net and reaching users desiring your service but not knowing your business exists yet.

Our Performance in Social Media

Comparing Q4 performance to Q3 performance (2019).

Increased reach by 400.92%

Expert targeting and creative designs have both seen an improvement in this time.

Increased landing page views by 450.39%

By keeping our strategy up to date and responding to user trends we have boosted the number of users clicking through to the landing page.

Increased impressions by 640.86%

Using strategic user targeting we are able to reach a great range of impressions.

Increased website contact form submissions by 538.46%

Testing different targeting options and objectives allowed us to increase conversions for our client by over 500% in a three month period.


Doctor Nyla’s Medispa is an award-winning aesthetics clinic with a reputation for using cutting edge technologies and achieving exceptional results. The cosmetic clinic is the largest outside of London and is also the largest BTL Exilis clinic in the country. 

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The Problem

Across a period of time, the structure of the website had been lost and was suffering from a lot of cannibalisation of optimisation. We had pages for services and areas which moved into double figures, all optimised for the same thing. Services with single pages had been amended a lot and because of that, the optimisation had been somewhat lost without an SEO keeping on top of it. Because of this, the organic visibility for non-branded search terms was poor and continually decreasing.

Having run social adverts with marketing agencies in the past, Doctor Nyla’s Medispa was not achieving the number of conversions that you would expect from such a well regarded and well-renowned clinic. Already having a strong organic social media presence, the paid social wasn’t matching up to this and was letting the business down. 

The Solution

A complete restructure of SEO optimisation, removal, redirection of all duplicate optimised pages. A keyword mapping exercise to optimise the website efficiently, drive the right traffic to the right pages, and increase organic visibility.

On a website that changes often and sometimes substantially, it needs an SEO to overview and manage these changes to ensure they are always aligned with the view of organic growth.

Upon taking over the account, we started all the campaigns from scratch; rebuilding audiences, tracking and using brand new creative. We used website traffic ads to build up the website traffic that had been missing, implementing custom audiences to ensure that we were targeting the correct people again and again.

Once we built up sufficient traffic, we launched our conversion campaigns. With strategic targeting to ensure we were targeting an engaged, interested audience, the account began converting as you would expect from such a high profile clinic. 

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Thank you for all the hard work, patience and perseverance that you have each put in this year. We have achieved so much, and I can’t wait to see how much we can do in the next year.

Doctor Nyla Raja, - Doctor Nyla's Medispa

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