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The Problem

In 2019, due to a surge in clients from increased positive reputation across Manchester and the UK, Datacentreplus found themselves starting to become one of the leading data centre and web hosting providers in the north west.

However, their brand was very much outdated and represented a more transactional business, rather than the consultative company that they have turned into. It was in no way reflective of how business people in several sectors perceived them.

So…enter Embryo Digital.


Datacentreplus has been providing clients with dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, data backup services and colocation services from their own, fully self-built, certified data centre in Manchester, since 2015.

Following on from a successful working relationship with the company, in which we have helped to transform their digital footprint, Embryo was asked to create a full re-brand and full website design/build. Now, in 2020 and beyond, Datacentreplus will not only be known as the friendly, ‘human’ people that offer such important services by those that they engage with on a ‘face-to-face level’, they will now ‘look the part’ in digital form, too.

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The (New) Brand

The ‘Anti-Bamboozlers’

Although we do not portray ourselves as a branding agency, our design team created a new logo and colour scheme for Datacentreplus which fits more in-line with their vision of reflecting their recently-gained reputation as being a strong alternative to run-of-the-mill, headless, finance-driven, ‘beige’ competition.

Whilst hosting data should not be deemed as anything less than an extremely serious business, Datacentreplus (and our ourselves) believe that the service that they offer should still have a human, friendly face, with staff that speak in plain English, helping businesses to make better purchasing decisions. No one wants to feel bamboozled into making a decision in 2020 now, do they?

The Website

We wanted the website to represent the way that the company engages with clients and those around the city and beyond. Datacentreplus is not a team of beige, jargon-loving techies that don’t know how to converse with the man in the street. ‘DCP’, as we call them at our office, are a friendly, open, customer-centric bunch that react pretty fast to our requests. Conversations are in plain English (unless our super-nerds get involved), and resolutions are quick.

We wanted these aspects to come through on every page, so that new visitors and potential clients of DCP get to understand that they are dealing with a different type of data centre and web host. A company that knows how to work with creatives and ‘suits’ at the same time.

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