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Increasing sales and revenue using a highly targeted paid strategy aimed at new and existing customers.

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Who are Dancing Leopard?

Dancing Leopard is a women’s fashion brand that focuses on fusing confident colours with powerful prints. Originally founded in 2009, the brand has grown into an international website and concessions in ten countries. The brand focuses on delivering collections that empower, inspire and celebrate the untamed. 

The Brief

Creating targeted campaigns to increase sales

The fashion brand came to Embryo as they needed assistance with their struggling PPC account. At the time Dancing Leopard mainly sold summer clothing and so they wanted campaigns that could help their revenue and ROAS during the winter months.

Our Approach

Carefully crafted and strategic paid campaigns

After developing a deep understanding of Dancing Leopard’s goals and further insight into their industry, our PPC team got to work rebuilding their account. Using multiple tools we were able to identify the most suitable keywords for the brand and its budget. By focusing on the campaign structure at a highly granular level we were able to maximise the relevancy and as such the quality scores. 

Pairing this strategy with custom created ad copy and imagery we were able to run campaigns that we knew would drive results. This was then proven by using comprehensive tracking and goals to ensure accurate recording of our results and each conversion metric. 

The results our PPC team achieved were so outstanding that we have since started running paid social media campaigns for the client, which also continue to achieve great results. 

They have done this by again creating highly targeted and detailed paid adverts that are reaching Dancing Leopard’s target audience and converting them into customers.

The results our paid team have achieved have been fundamental to the success of the business during their offseason and show how Embryo can be a great extension of an internal team.

Increase in conversions

Our Performance

  • 175% increase in ROAS.
  • 37% increase in CTR.


Increase in revenue from social media ads


Increase in PPC ad engagement


Increase in landing page views

  • Rosie Middleton

    Dancing Leopard

    We started working with Embryo on a temporary basis due to a knowledge gap in our team in PPC. The experts at Embryo share ideas across the board where they feel they might benefit our brand - this type of relationship is invaluable - Thank you team Embryo!

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