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Carving out an online presence, and bringing a wide range of solutions to people searching for mortgages and insurance, in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

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Who are Avail Mortgages?

Avail Mortgages was founded by Jamie Megson, David Bancroft, and James Smith back in 2018. Their desire to set-up Avail Mortgages was fuelled by their passion to help people across the UK, particularly in the north-west, by offering a truly diverse range of mortgage products and insurance policies. The company may be young, but the combined experience that helped create it stands at over three decades making Avail Mortgages one of the most unique businesses in the mortgage and insurance industry thanks to the combination of technology, products, and experience.

The Brief

To create a stronger digital presence in a competitive market

Avail Mortgages came to Embryo wanting a range of holistic services to try and create, and establish, an online presence that helped to not only showcase their selection of mortgage and insurance products but also their fantastic level of service that they offer their clients. 

Avail Mortgages are smart and knew that the mortgage and insurance industry was becoming rooted, more and more, in the online space. As a result, they understood the importance of pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation, and social media ads, and the need to emphasise all three in order to obtain success in an increasingly competitive market.

Our Approach

A multi-channel strategy that integrated link-building activities with an optimised website and carefully-crafted PPC and paid social campaigns.

After understanding more about Avail Mortgages, we went away and created a strategy that incorporated all of Embryo’s services so that we could hit key KPIs and help grow the presence of the company online. 

Our first step involved laying out the website plan and ensuring that we had well-written, fresh, ontologically relevant content for all of Avail Mortgage’s service both on the home-owning, and the insurance, side – this strategy helped to increase keyword reach, domain authority, and rankings for pages such as ‘Home Insurance’ and ‘Help to Buy Mortgages’. In addition to service pages, we knew the importance of building out location-based content and having pages that targeted areas of the UK that Avail Mortgages wanted to establish itself in. This resulted in Embryo writing almost a dozen location pages targeting relevant mortgage and insurance keywords respectively. 

The PPC and social team then went about undergoing keyword research to help create laser-targeted ads that would help boost the number of leads Jamie and his team received, both in the short and long-term. 

On the technical side, our web development team went about generating Avail Mortgage’s new website – from creating stunning new branding to building the architecture for the content team to house their content. We also ensured that the new website would be linked to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) so that Jamie’s team can track leads, and ensure that they are speaking to customers who are interested in their services. 

As well as a CRM, we plugged the new site into two Application Programming Interfaces (API), from two different companies 360CRM, and Twenty7Tec, this allowed us to create a cutting-edge mortgage search function that pulled through live mortgage data, and now, allows users to search for specific mortgage products in the commercial and domestic sphere.

The result of this hard work was the formulation of a comprehensive digital footprint that helped to establish significant keyword reach and domain authority across search engines, as well as helping to increase lead generation and the ability to track and nurture potential customers. 

Increase in month-on-month conversions

The holistic and comprehensive approach we took for Avail Mortgages resulted in some truly incredible results.


  • Total of 482 leads at a CPL of £11.74
  • 46% decrease in cost per click


Increase in new visitors through organic search

Driving new business to the website, with related keywords seeing page one positions across the board.


Decrease in cost per conversion

Using a strategic and extremely granular PPC campaign to drive results for the lowest budget possible.


Increase in clicks

Using ads that encourage the target audience to engage with the brand.

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