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Our Performance

Comparing the first five months with the previous five months before Embryo took over management of the account

Increased Impressions by 330.2%

The Google Ads account is still targeting Greater Manchester, but now with greater strategic keyword planning which means that we were able to show Apex’s adverts in front of a significantly larger audience of potential clients. Impressions have increased from 16,200 to 69,700.

Increased Paid Traffic by 269.6%

This amazing statistic is down to us creating a range of new, click-inducing adverts which are all specifically crafted to not only attract users but increase consistency from landing page, to campaign, to ad group, to keyword and then the advert.

Decreased Cost Per Click by 52%

The average cost per click has reduced by more than half since we started to manage the account.

Increased Impression Share by 22%

Average search impression share has increased by over 20% – a great result in such a competitive market. 


Apex Computing Services (known to most as simply, ‘Apex’) are a well-regarded Manchester IT support company. They have support contracts with small businesses, large corporates, and schools. Apex take pride in the quality of service delivered, and the relationships that they build and maintain with their clients over the long term. They rank very highly for customer service on the Embryo Index, too.

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The Problem 

We inherited an old account, built under the ‘Adwords’ reign, that was not updated, nor optimised effectively. Built before ‘Google Ads’, the account was not taking advantage new formats and new features.

Getting your voice heard and engaging with the correct audience in a competitive market place can be difficult, so using a solid, yet creative strategy and tactics are imperative if your business is going to succeed with paid advertising.

The Solution

Rather than using patchwork to cover over the problem, we presented Apex with a strategy to build a new, reactive campaign to pull it ‘out of 2015’ and back to a leading campaign, utilising the latest Google Ads features. 

We built new campaigns and set them up to run as efficiently as possible. The aim was to get the account as specific as possible, minimising waste on spend from irrelevant clicks, and having a much more precise location targeting strategy. We used the old campaigns to learn from historic data of what had previously worked for the company – and what needed to be avoided or changed. It was important to have clear segmentation of campaigns and ad groups to make the whole account run more effectively – and much more profitable. 


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Dynamic ‘out of the box’ thinking is what sets this digital agency apart, helping us get the most from our marketing budget. With most digital marketing companies it’s difficult to see where your spend goes, but with Embryo it’s clear and we get results that are quantifiable.

Daniel Shone, Managing Director - Apex Computing Services

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