Canva Releases Time-Saving Background Removal Feature

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As someone who works in social media and spends every day creating adverts and designing graphics, Canva is an absolute lifesaver for quick, reactive imagery or small edits. What’s more, yesterday they launched a new feature that has made me fall even more in love with the platform. 


You can now remove the background from any image at the click of a button. Think logos that have coloured backgrounds, stock images that you only want a small part of, images that where you want to change the background colour – the possibilities really are endless. 


canva screenshot 2019 12 18 at 10.33.20


To use this feature, it is surprisingly simple. Anyone that has ever had an editing pro show them how to do this in Photoshop, it is a weirdly complicated sequence of shortcuts and layers (or at least it seems that way to me). With Canva’s feature, you simply upload your image onto your design, click effects, background remover et voila. Canva works its magic and within seconds your image is background-less! Amazing.


screenshot 2019 12 17 at 11.51.20