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Getting Your Tone Of Voice Right

30/07/18 News Best Practices

In a world of copycat competitors and endless noise, it can sometimes seem difficult finding your own voice, especially if you are a new business. How do you convey your offering and value in a way that resonates with your...
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coffee cups showing the importance of brand

The Secret To Creating Brand Value

30/06/18 Best Practices

Sound the trumpets. Marketing world rejoice. Kantar Millward Brown have recently revealed the secret to creating brand value for customers, by analysing 3.6 million consumer interviews concerning perceptions of 122,000 brands across 51 markets over the past 12 years. It...
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influencer taking a selfie

The Importance Of Influencer Marketing

01/05/18 Digital Marketing

Love it or hate it, influencer marketing is here to stay. The market, currently worth $2 billion is expected to reach $10 billion by 2020 as brands, businesses and influencers themselves realise the beneficial potential. With 67% of marketers believing...
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seo consultant

The Embryo Digital Team Is Growing!

01/05/18 News

We are very excited to welcome Andy Dutson, our new Digital Marketing Consultant to the team. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the realms of SEO and PPC, having spent the last 10 years working...
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cambridge analytica written on a black keyboard

How Does The Cambridge Analytica-Facebook Scandal Affect Us As Marketers?

29/03/18 News

Had you heard the term, ‘Cambridge Analytica’ a month ago you may have assumed it was a brainy university competition where the brightest minds battle it out in maths, or science. Hear it today and you should be more aware...
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embryo digital marketing evolved

We are Embryo Digital

02/03/18 SEO

Anyone can write a Twitter bio, a brief introduction on LinkedIn or post adverts on various websites. But we think we should formally introduce ourselves, and form that relationship from the get-go. We are Embryo Digital – a results-winning, full-service...
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ahrefs domain rating

Your Quick Guide to Ahrefs' Domain Rating (DR)

02/03/18 SEO

Last month, Ahref released a new way to calculate domain rating (DR), much to the confusion and irritation of many businesses and website owners. Companies saw their ratings unexpectedly drop, while their competitors remained stable, or increased quite dramatically. We...
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ssl secure encryption

Lock up Your Websites

22/08/17 News SEO

A Secure Socket Layer Certificate (SSL) enables a secure internet, protecting sensitive information such as credit card details as it travels across the world’s computer networks. Imperative for providing website privacy, identification and data integrity, an SSL is an online...
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gdpr image with a padlock

The GDPR & How It Will Affect Your Business's Marketing

11/08/17 News

What is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is legislation that is coming into effect on the 25th May 2018. It is a new EU regulation that is attempting to unify how countries in the EU approach...
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embryo logo blog

The Next Generation of Embryo Digital…

27/07/17 News

The next generation of Embryo is here… It gives me great pleasure and enjoyment to finally have the opportunity to introduce you to our new look and feel. Over the last 3 years, Embryo Digital has invested, and continues to...
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