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A Good Content Editor: The Importance

09/08/21 Content Best Practices

If I had to choose one area of content that I’ve never been particularly fond of – it would be proofreading and content editing. Don’t get me wrong – I love to help team members improve their content and work,...
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Correlation Does Not Equal Causation – 2 Great Examples

06/08/21 Best Practices #TeamEmbryo General

So a little while back I saw a post on LinkedIn about how two pieces of data, which looked liked they correlated, equated directly to income… I hung my head in shame. I’ll go through some examples of how correlation...
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the role of hr

How The Role of HR Is Changing

05/08/21 Operations

As a leader in people management and HR, it is fascinating to see just how the role has shifted in direction particularly over the past few years since the global pandemic. My days in HR & Operations involve doing multiple...
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half full glass

Glass Half Full: How A Positive Mindset Can Bring You Success

04/08/21 Best Practices General

“Positive thinking” or “Positivity” in general gets thrown around a lot these days whether it is plastered on quotes all over Pinterest, printed on graphic tees or featured on a sign to decorate your house. It has become a soft...
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british highstreet

The future of retail: how to create a strategy that sells

03/08/21 Embryo Index

It’s no surprise that the last 12 months have been tough for the retail industry, with 2020 being the year pretty much everything was cancelled, shopping trends have changed, with consumers spending less on getting dressed up, and physical stores...
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In Defence of “Trash TV”: Why We Can’t Stop Watching Love Island

02/08/21 #TeamEmbryo General

With Love Island in full swing these days, there’s an awful lot of contention between people who love it and people who hate it. The same goes for most “trashy” reality TV shows – I’m talking Love Is Blind, Married...
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website project round up

Website Project Round-up

30/07/21 Web Development Web Design

Within the web team, we have been exceptionally busy for the first six months of the year, working on a range of different website projects. Below is a round-up of just some of the projects we have delivered so far...
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achieving your goals

Your Guide To Being A Goal-Getter: How To Stick To Your Goals And Smash Them

29/07/21 General

With a new month on the horizon, there’s no better time to talk about setting goals. Having a goal to achieve can be a great source of motivation which is especially important when you face challenges, and it also provides focus...
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Google Match Type Changes

28/07/21 PPC

Ultimately, Google Ads has now gotten rid of broad match modifiers (BMM) and it has also updated how phrase match targeting works to expand matching capabilities. The aim of this change is to improve relevancy from search term to keyword...
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love island

Love Island 2021 – Hot or Flop?

27/07/21 Social Digital Marketing

The most anticipated show of 2021 is upon us: Love Island. I’ve written numerous blogs in the past around the benefit of the hit reality show for brands and analysed the marketing masterpiece that it is. In fact, I’d go...
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