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The Marketing Genius Of Lil Nas X

16/09/21 News

Welcome To The Marketing Industry Baby  Since tomorrow is the release of his debut album, MONTERO, I wanted to dive deeper into the thought process behind the mind of Lil Nas X who has gone from strength to strength in...
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iphone showing facebook tracking details

5 Ways The Apple iOS Update Is Impacting Your Facebook Ads

15/09/21 Social News

In early 2021, Apple dropped their biggest bombshell (update) to date and sent all Facebook advertisers and social media marketers into a frenzy.    Apple released the details of its iOS 14 update in February. This update meant that whereas...
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image abba mo cap suits landscape credit baillie walsh 1 1392x884 1

The Digital PR team examined Abba’s comeback

14/09/21 Research News Digital PR

It’s been OVER A DECADE (40 years) since the Swedish foursome, responsible for some of the most recognisable songs in pop music history, last released new music. But Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad are back, with...
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Want To Work In Content? A Manager’s Guide

13/09/21 Content

From blog posts, articles and website content through to social media posts, press releases and whitepapers, content is an expansive sector that is rapidly growing and innovating. It wasn’t that long ago that gaming content (advergaming), promotion through AR and...
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top 5 features of ga4

The Top 5 Features In GA4

10/09/21 Digital Marketing SEO

As we enter a new dawn of analytical power where AI and Machine Learning will reign supreme at providing insights quicker than ever before, Google is stepping up its offering with GA4, the next evolution of Google Analytics following Universal...
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The Great Reset

09/09/21 General

As we all know, that fateful night of 23rd March 2020 changed many of our lives, with Boris Johnson addressing the nation and telling us all to “STAY HOME. PROTECT THE NHS. SAVE LIVES”. My generation and the generation before...
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working mother

8 Tips For Working Mums: How to Balance Your Family and Career

08/09/21 Best Practices

  Recent ONS studies suggest that the pandemic has had a massive impact on working parents. But it should come as no surprise that women spent more time on childcare than men, alongside working from home and home-schooling. 9 out...
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content writing in 2021 is about length and breadth

Not All Content Is Created Equal, Here’s Why: SEO Content Writing In 2021 and Beyond

07/09/21 Content SEO Best Practices

If this writer has had to underscore the importance of SEO content writing once, they’ve had to do it a thousand times. Simply put, if you aren’t putting long-form writing at the heart of your marketing strategy, you’re not going to achieve...
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You Better Werq: What Brands Can Learn From RuPaul’s Drag Race

06/09/21 General Best Practices

For those who have not heard of RuPaul’s Drag Race (RPDR), where have you been? RuPaul’s Drag Race is an American Reality TV Show whereby drag queens compete to become America’s Next Drag Superstar. The contestants are given different challenges...
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patterns in nature, benfords law

Benford’s Law – 2 Superb Examples Of Nature Being Awesome

03/09/21 General

Benford’s Law There are examples of patterns in nature, most people will have heard of the golden ratio, and other examples like sunflower seeds and the way they grow. There’s even honeycombs, one of the strongest structures known to man....
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