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The Best Marketing Campaign Posters You’ve Ever Seen!

02/07/21 Digital Marketing

Most of these posters you will have seen before but just to let you know, this list is DEFINITIVE. Some of these posters were created to get the company out of a jam and others are just clever promos. A...
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The Perks of Embryo & What Makes Us So Special

01/07/21 General News #TeamEmbryo Operations

We’re halfway through 2021 already, and Embryo has shown tremendous growth over the past 6 months. We have launched our hybrid workplace and we have also welcomed new team members in our Content, PPC, SEO and Website projects departments. The...
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google easter eggs image

5 Cool Google Easter Eggs In 2021

30/06/21 Uncategorised #TeamEmbryo General

Hidden Google Easter Eggs I want to take a moment for us all to relax, to just stop the daily grind, just for a minute. Most of us probably use Google on a daily basis, many people will use it...
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Using Google Trends To Support Keyword Research

29/06/21 SEO Content

For those who are unfamiliar with Google Trends, it is an online tool that focuses on discovering ongoing trends and monitoring search behaviour from different sources such as Google Search, Google Images, and YouTube. The tool is often overlooked by...
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girl dancing in the kitchen

Shake It Off: Why dancing is the elite form of exercise

28/06/21 General

You can extol the virtues of the gym as much as you like, but for some people (read: me), the gym just sucks. No hate if you love it, and I’m probably incredibly jealous of your strength and general highly...
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Making Sense Of The Burnout Debate

25/06/21 General

There are a few common debates flying around on LinkedIn at the moment, many of which you’ve probably seen. There’s the conversation around the four-day working week, the ‘how often would you like to work from home?’ polls, and the...
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content helps your serp performance

Understanding the importance of links in content

24/06/21 SEO Best Practices Content

Content is king. It always has been and it’s only going to become more and more powerful as the search engine algorithms continue to develop and improve over time. With Google now reaching a stage where it can delve into...
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3 data science social media accounts you should be following

23/06/21 Digital PR

Data is becoming an increasingly crucial part of digital marketing and business. Data science is the future, with some of the biggest organisations on the planet like Amazon, Google and Facebook all investing heavily in this burgeoning field in recent...
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woocommerce google shopping integration

WooCommerce’s Google Shopping Integration is Now Live

22/06/21 SEO PPC Web Development

Google has recently announced an integration partnership with WooCommerce to help retailers and ecommerce stores easily display their products and inventory across Google properties, including organic search, paid search, organic & paid shopping and also YouTube. The integration comes as...
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shutterstock 1164339553

‘Freedom Day’ Delay & The Impact

21/06/21 News

So, today is the 21st June… a date we had all set in our calendars as the first day clubs were back and the start of a week-long bender. Okay, maybe some had more extensive plans than others but either...
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