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Rethinking Your Communication

01/06/22 Operations General

How many conversations have you found yourself within, where your primary goal is to get the person on the other side to say the word ‘yes’? This could be when speaking to clients, a colleague, a family member or even...
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mastering the art of project kick-offs

Mastering the art of Project Kick-offs

31/05/22 #TeamEmbryo Best Practices

At Embryo, we like to avoid new projects starting off a bit wonky. Projects can sometimes start off a bit lost because, on occasion, those involved can dive straight into the project without getting to know the client or truly...
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laura guillon - episode 4

5 Things We Learned From Episode 4 of Never Mind the Keywords with Laura Guillon

30/05/22 Digital Marketing

In 2022, Embryo took the next step to elevate the agency in the digital sphere by creating the podcast ‘Never mind the Keywords’. The series is hosted by a variety of experts at Embryo, from a range of sectors of...
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UA Versus GA4: Embryo’s Google Analytics 4 Review

27/05/22 Best Practices News Data

Move over boys, there’s a new comprehensive analytics tool in town. Google Analytics 4 is set to change the way we create custom reports and unearth insights of all kinds from a single touchpoint. After a few years on the...
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prisode 3 thumbnail

5 Things We’ve Learnt From Episode 3 of Never Mind the Keywords

26/05/22 Digital Marketing

In case you didn’t already know, here at Embryo, we’ve launched our very own podcast  – Never Mind The Keywords. Launched at the beginning of April, we have been speaking to some of Manchester’s best about their careers and examining...
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considerations before international seo

8 Things To Consider Before Launching an International SEO Campaign

25/05/22 SEO Digital Marketing Best Practices

Whether you’re considering a phased expansion overseas or going global, preparing your site to go international can be a scary step. Which is why preparation is key to success. You may have been working to improve your organic presence in...
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Your guide to Google Analytics 4

24/05/22 Best Practices

By now you will be aware of Google Analytics 4. The all-powerful marketing tool that gives you an insight into everything your customer does. This wonderful new addition is taking the world by storm but what is it exactly and...
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oatly milk alternative drink

Glebe Farm Vs. The Multinational Giants: Oatly

23/05/22 General Digital Marketing

You may have seen last year, very publically that Oatly brought a smaller independent business, Glebe Farm Foods to court over claims that their dairy alternative milk specifically the branding of their oat range was too similar to their brand.    ...
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never mind the keywords episode 2 rich tyrrell

5 Things We Learned From Episode 2 of Never Mind the Keywords with MYP’s Rich Tyrrell

20/05/22 Uncategorised News Digital Marketing

Just a short while ago I embarked on a new project at Embryo, by getting stuck in as a co-host for our brand new podcast, Never Mind The Keywords.  Over the first series myself and four colleagues have had the...
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basics of coding, explained

The Basics of Coding, Explained

20/05/22 Web Design

Have you ever felt that confused about coding? That there was this group of people who knew all these secret handshakes and code words to make software do what they wanted? While software engineering may seem complex and almost magical...
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