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Maintaining Office Culture, Without an Office

02/11/20 #TeamEmbryo General

Culture is really important for numerous reasons, mainly; to attract and retain a talented team, it drives engagement, happiness and satisfaction and as a result, can impact your company’s performance.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a business’ culture is...
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Writing Copy On A Budget? Here Are 9 Tips To Help You Write Your Next Piece Of Copy That Won’t Cost You A Penny

06/10/20 Best Practices Content

If you’re a business owner, content writer or a part of a marketing team you may have found yourself tightening your purse strings over the past few months with the global pandemic, an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and general monotony of...
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Ask These Questions To Understand Your Audience

02/10/20 Uncategorised

Sometimes you can get so carried away in your own department within a digital marketing agency, that you can lose focus of some of the most basic but most important marketing principles. The content team could be concentrating on perfect...
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How to write great B2B content

01/10/20 Content

Here at Embryo, the content team loves writing and reading blogs that have great and actionable tips for writing great content. But when it comes to tips and guides about content marketing, a lot of it often revolves around B2C...
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Content Executive

Some of September’s best articles about content marketing

30/09/20 Content

Here at Embryo Digital, one of reasons for our ongoing and continued success is the way in which we deliver our clients impactful and results driven content marketing campaigns. Whether it be blogging, writing for ecommerce, landing pages, writing long...
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Googlebot to Start Crawling Websites Using HTTP/2

28/09/20 Uncategorised

Google has announced this week that Googlebot will be crawling selected sites using HTTP/2 from November. Whilst a number of mainstream web browsers have supported the HTTP/2 protocol for a while now, Google has decided that the time is right...
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lifting the lid on google's link algorithm

Google Open Up About Link Algorithms

25/09/20 SEO

Recently, everyone’s favourite Google search engine optimisation spokesperson, John Mueller, answered a question regarding link algorithms in a Webmaster Central hangout. Mueller also lifted the lid on how long it takes for links to take effect in Google. So, let’s...
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Brands In The Spotlight: smol

24/09/20 Uncategorised

My previous ‘Brands In The Spotlight’ blogs were on companies Brewdog and Ben & Jerries, who hardly needed any more press. This time I’ve decided to now turn my attention onto (and improve the backlink profile of) a smaller company...
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adaptive marketing at christmas

Adaptive Marketing for Christmas Campaigns

23/09/20 Digital Marketing

2020 seems to have flown by considering the circumstances, and we find ourselves heading towards the last few months of the year and of course Christmas! Marketing for the festive season this year will no doubt be as unusual as...
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Which personality type are you

Which Personality Type Are You?

23/09/20 Operations

Throughout the year, our team at Embryo have seen substantial growth despite the 2020 global pandemic. Our hard work, teamwork, and togetherness has never been stronger across our departments (PPC, Social Media, Website, SEO and Content). A key part of...
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