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Making email campaigns that aren’t just a pretty face: a quick guide

16/07/21 Digital Marketing Best Practices

  We’ve all at some point received a really good marketing email campaigns – you might not be able to think of one off the top of your head but you’ll know it when you see it! First things first,...
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The Importance Of Link Building For Your SEO Strategy

15/07/21 SEO

Linkbuilding is a technique that’s benefits a website’s SEO and is an important factor for helping to increase your search engine rankings. Implementing a link building strategy will help deliver a targeted approach to building up your authority by securing...
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The Importance of Landing Pages

14/07/21 PPC Web Design

During my years of managing PPC accounts, and Google ads constantly evolving, one thing has continuously stayed apparent is the need for good quality landing pages. As my ego pertains, I genuinely believe at embryo we have one of the...
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404 Errors: What You Need To Know

13/07/21 Web Design

We’ve all seen them in our browser window, we’ve typed a query in, clicking on a URL that we could’ve sworn was correct, only to be presented with an Error 404. They’re annoying, and not really what the person that runs...
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Who really won Euro 2020?

12/07/21 Best Practices News

Over the last month the Euro 2020 competition has captured the attention of the nation. Prior to the sporting event the most-watched programs of the year were Boris Johnson’s statement (14.1million), the final episode of Line of Duty (12.9milion) and...
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Affordable Fashion & SEO

09/07/21 SEO

As affordable fashion brands are a bit of a passion for me, I thought it would be a good idea to see how some major brands perform organically in the UK. Using a new tool that we have created at...
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core web vitals

Core Web Vitals – How We Optimise For It

08/07/21 SEO

Core Web Vitals is the latest update currently being rolled out by Google. SEO’s and web developers have been preparing for the update roll out which was planned for May, but ended up being pushed back to June. So how...
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Five top tips for pitching when it comes to newsjacking

07/07/21 Digital PR Digital Marketing

As part of Digital PR strategies, newsjacking can be a great way to share a brand’s message quickly. Newsjacking allows you to pitch to journalists who are interested in content with regard to reactive and topical trends. This allows you...
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instagram video

5 Video Ideas To Help You Adapt To Instagram’s Latest Update

06/07/21 Social

Earlier this week, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has described the app as no longer just a photo-sharing app. He goes on to explain that Instagram will be “embracing video more broadly – full-screen video, immersive, entertaining, for mobile...
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Techno Battle 2021 – Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

05/07/21 #TeamEmbryo Content General Innovation

Who will be victorious? Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality? Ever since we as humans created and left the industrial revolution, technology has been an integral part of how we live our lives. Back in the day there was a war...
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