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Data-informed and not data-driven. Here’s what Embryo’s PR team has learnt from The Times and Sunday Times webinar.

16/11/20 Digital PR

Here at Embryo, we take the opportunity to learn more about the industry and how the general public absorbs the news and consumes content as that drives the success of our campaigns. From using trending topics and targeting different popular...
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I Before E Unless It’s In The Dictionary

13/11/20 Content

And even then, there are exceptions to the rule. I’ve always been a stickler for correct grammar, and feel that when it comes to content and any form of written communication, it’s not only necessary, but a sign that you’ve...
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The Battle of the Christmas Adverts 2020

12/11/20 News

The month of November has finally arrived, where we get to enjoy the heartwarming, and quite often tear-jerking Christmas advert campaigns, that hit our big screens from some of the biggest brands in the world. Each year the competition gets...
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Why the perfect Instagram grid shouldn’t be your priority!

11/11/20 Social

If you visit an Instagram Influencers profile, it’s more often than not that you will see a beautiful, colour coordinated grid. Every image has the same filter, lighting or focal point, and there’s no denying, they look amazing.  In reality,...
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Shop Small This Christmas – Our Favourite Small Businesses to Support

10/11/20 General

Without a doubt, this Christmas is going to be very different. Who knows what is going to happen with lockdown, are shops ever going to open and can your Nan even come round for Christmas dinner anymore? But, it’s not...
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Google Organic Shopping: What We’ve Seen So Far

09/11/20 SEO

Google has opened up shopping search results for organic in October for the first time since 2012. Following the COVID-19 pandemic and many bricks to mortar businesses being forced to close, Google has stepped in to make sure that businesses...
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Lockdown 2.0 – Activities To Keep You Busy

06/11/20 General

Hello darkness, my old friend. It’s lockdown again here in the U.K. which doesn’t really feel too different from our Tier 3 status in Manchester except, to our horror, our beloved bars and restaurants are closed. If you know me...
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Embryo Digital Are Taking Part In Movember 2020!

05/11/20 #TeamEmbryo

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been, to put it lightly, an absolute nightmare of a year, from pandemics and climate change to nail-biting elections and social distancing – its been a lot. So here at Embryo, we thought,...
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The importance of training your teams

04/11/20 General

Training options for your teams are now more accessible than ever before with online access to high-quality courses that are guaranteed to increase skill sets and improve your team’s knowledge base. Training is a key element to any team’s personal...
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Keeping up to date with news updates and jumping on media opportunities

03/11/20 Digital Marketing Research Digital PR

When it comes to staying up to date with the way the UK produces the news, we more often than not check online through our social media platforms to find out what’s happening. From browsing Twitter to see what’s the...
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