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how to write blogs

How to write blogs that your audience will love in 6 easy steps

17/06/22 Best Practices Content

To say we’ve all been learning how to write since we were tiny tots, writing blogs in a way that is engaging and captivating is actually quite a difficult skill to master. Not to mention the fact that we are living...
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twitter ads

5 tips on how to run great Twitter Ads

16/06/22 Social

Whilst it’s often overlooked, Twitter ads can be a great tool for increasing your brand awareness. The platform has made multiple changes in recent months to improve its targeting, ad format options, attribution windows and tracking. It now holds a...
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The benefits of writing as a… writer…

15/06/22 Best Practices Content General

What are the benefits of writing? It’s a loaded question and one that doesn’t necessarily have one set of specific answers; the benefits of writing are completely specific to each person and everybody will experience different things by getting into...
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cover image showing productivity with a lightbulb and the indesign logo

Top 10 tips for how to improve InDesign productivity

14/06/22 Best Practices

Having used InDesign nearly every day for eight years and taught several beginners how to use it, here are a few tips that I think are a must for anyone who uses InDesign. Hopefully, there’s a tip or two that...
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finding your voice

What How To Own The Room can teach you about using your voice

14/06/22 Content General

We all have a voice. Use it correctly, it can be the most powerful vessel you have. There is a lot of pressure that comes with using your own voice. Are we saying the correct thing? Should we have spoken...
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charlie and nick in heartstopper

Pride Month: Heartstopper and Why It’s So Important in 2022

10/06/22 General

What is heartstopper, and why should I watch it? Heartstopper hit Netflix in April 2022 and took the world by storm with its success. It’s one of those shows which is instantly comforting to far more than just the LGBT...
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how to get into marketing uk

How to Get Into Marketing in the UK in 2022

09/06/22 Best Practices

Getting into marketing in 2022 for graduates, people with a small amount of experience, or not many connections, can seem daunting. Add to that, the constant bombardment of motivational videos by people who have no idea about the real world...
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clustering pretty colours

Clustering Machine Learning – A Brilliant Set For Life Project

08/06/22 Data

Machine Learning by Clustering On the back of the relative success of my last machine learning lottery post, I’ve decided to have a crack at another famous national lottery game Set For Life but using clustering this time round for...
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love island

5 Reasons We Love… Love Island

07/06/22 General

The brand new series of Love Island started last night, and it’s got me (and the rest of the country) hooked already! I’m not usually keen on any kind of reality show, or ‘trash TV’ as some people call it,...
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Celebrating 50 Years of UK Pride: Milestones in LGBT History

06/06/22 News Research

Recalling the early years of UK Pride, Gay Liberation Front‘s Peter Tatchell said of 1972: ‘Back then, Pride was very political… We got mixed reactions from the public. Some were hostile. Many were curious or bewildered. Most had never knowingly...
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