2020 – The year of lockdown, banana bread, Houseparty and now our rebrand!

24/11/20 #TeamEmbryo

Wow! What a year it’s been right?  I’m sure we all toasted 2020 at midnight, with a glass of something, made some ridiculous new year resolutions and promised ourselves that 2020 was going to be THE year right? Who would...
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5 PPC Trends To Look Out For In 2021!

23/11/20 Digital Marketing PPC

5 PPC Trends To Look Out For In 2021!   In a normal year, PPC is fairly unpredictable. But 2020 was anything but a normal year. Last year, nobody could have or would have predicted we would be dealing with...
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Google's new 2021 ranking signal

Google’s New 2021 Ranking Signal – Core Web Vitals

20/11/20 SEO

If we look back to late May of this year (I understand if you don’t want to) – Google announced that, in 2021, they will be adding three new search ranking signals into their algorithms to judge a website’s overall page experience...
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Insights from the experts at Hootsuite: How to up your Social Media game in 2021

19/11/20 Social Digital Marketing

Since beginning my adventure into the world of social media marketing, the Hootsuite Social Media Trends seminars and webinars have always created a buzz within the department! Creative experts and social media wizards from across the digital marketing world collectively...
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How To Use Social Media To Help Your Mental Health

18/11/20 Social General

You can’t deny it’s been a pretty tough time for a lot of people recently. Lockdown 2.0, businesses closed once again and the absolute cloud of uncertainty around everything can be pretty overwhelming. I recently wrote a blog about helping...
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How Gaming is Good for Your Mental Health During Lockdown

17/11/20 News Content Research

It’s no secret that the gaming community provides a haven for many, to enjoy some stress-free time amongst friends and tight-knit communities. These claims have led to thorough testing from prestigious universities like Oxford, who claim “video games are good...
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Data-informed and not data-driven. Here’s what Embryo’s PR team has learnt from The Times and Sunday Times webinar.

16/11/20 Digital PR

Here at Embryo, we take the opportunity to learn more about the industry and how the general public absorbs the news and consumes content as that drives the success of our campaigns. From using trending topics and targeting different popular...
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I Before E Unless It’s In The Dictionary

13/11/20 Content

And even then, there are exceptions to the rule. I’ve always been a stickler for correct grammar, and feel that when it comes to content and any form of written communication, it’s not only necessary, but a sign that you’ve...
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The Battle of the Christmas Adverts 2020

12/11/20 News

The month of November has finally arrived, where we get to enjoy the heartwarming, and quite often tear-jerking Christmas advert campaigns, that hit our big screens from some of the biggest brands in the world. Each year the competition gets...
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Why the perfect Instagram grid shouldn’t be your priority!

11/11/20 Social

If you visit an Instagram Influencers profile, it’s more often than not that you will see a beautiful, colour coordinated grid. Every image has the same filter, lighting or focal point, and there’s no denying, they look amazing.  In reality,...
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