SEO, a Bert Roundup for November 2019


Here’s an update of a few interesting blog posts about something to hit the SEO world recently, something called BERT from our mighty overlords, Google.

How Google BERT Will Impact SEO and Marketing

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  • Over the years, search engine optimization has become increasingly difficult for marketing teams as Google and other search engines continuously update and improve their algorithms.
  • The BERT algorithm – Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers – leverages machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to better understand the context of a search query.
  • In a nutshell, Google BERT is one step closer to the search engine’s ultimate goal: understanding and leveraging search intent.
  • That’s because Google BERT allows the search engine to better under the context of a search query, so your content needs to have greater relevance for particular keywords.

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Google Confirmed The November 2019 Google Local Update – Here Is What We Know

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  • Google, I believe, for the first time ever, has confirmed a Google Local update.  Google confirmed on Twitter the November local update we wrote about here a few times, some are also calling it…

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Google confirms Nov. 2019 Local Search Update – Search Engine Land

Topics: local search, local search results, Google, neural matching, ranking changes, local queries, local search update, search algorithm
  • Google has now confirmed the numerous reports of a local search update that began in early November.
  • The update is related to Google “making use of neural matching as part of the process of generating local search results,” Google said via the @SearchLiason twitter account.
  • The name, “Nov. 2019 Local Search Update” follows the naming convention Google began using last year for Google core search algorithm updates .
  • ” See Google’s neural matching versus RankBrain: How Google uses each in search for more details.

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You Can’t Optimise For BERT. Here’s How.

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  • Well … before we dive into what you can do to optimize for a system that Google tells us can’t be optimized for, let’s first take a look at what BERT actually is.
  • the most exciting thing about BERT is that suddenly, overnight, every SEO is now an expert on neural networks and natural language processing.
  • Now let me be the very first to note, I am in no way an expert in neural networks nor Natural Language Processing .
  • Let’s consider the fundamental issue with natural language processing.
  • The system is then tasked with learning to accurately predict which sentence comes after the first sentence using the non-directional understanding of how words order, and what words represent.
  • Essentially, we need to consider everything that might differentiate our content from content related to queries that use the same or similar terms.

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