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3 data science social media accounts you should be following

23/06/21 Digital PR

Data is becoming an increasingly crucial part of digital marketing and business. Data science is the future, with some of the biggest organisations on the planet like Amazon, Google and Facebook all investing heavily in this burgeoning field in recent...
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Do Nofollow Links Count?

19/04/21 Digital PR SEO

If you are someone who has ever spent time link building, performing digital PR, or even just generally working in SEO, then you’ve seen rel=”nofollow” tag before. It’s one of the most common HTML tags around, and it’s been around...
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#journorequest – newsjacking and the power of social media

12/03/21 Digital PR

If you’re new to the idea of digital PR, you may wonder how exactly we know who to pitch what stories and when to do it. A lot of it comes down purely to ardent research and staying on top...
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3 important tips for pitching to journalists

04/02/21 Digital PR

If you work in digital PR, then you know that pitching to journalists is a huge part of what we do. If you don’t, you may be wondering how exactly you can contact a journalist with a story out of...
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Outreach Tips for Successful Digital PR

08/01/21 Digital PR

Impactful outreach is a crucial ingredient of any successful creative digital PR campaign. It’s no good having a newsworthy asset and piece of content if you get your pitch wrong. Digital PRs can spend months working on a campaign, researching...
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Content Marketing Tips For The Festive Period

07/12/20 Content

We’re a week into December which means that the festive period is well underway! That means that Christmas trees and lights are going up around your neighbourhood, and Christmas adverts and songs are here to get us into the festive...
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How to stay creative while working from home

27/11/20 Best Practices Digital Marketing

It goes without saying that most of us have spent a lot more time working from home than expected in 2020. The team here at Embryo is no different. For eight months now, we have all been working remotely. Digital...
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How to write great B2B content

01/10/20 Content

Here at Embryo, the content team loves writing and reading blogs that have great and actionable tips for writing great content. But when it comes to tips and guides about content marketing, a lot of it often revolves around B2C...
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Some of September’s best articles about content marketing

30/09/20 Content

Here at Embryo Digital, one of reasons for our ongoing and continued success is the way in which we deliver our clients impactful and results driven content marketing campaigns. Whether it be blogging, writing for ecommerce, landing pages, writing long...
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Some of the best places to go for Digital PR inspiration

17/09/20 Digital PR

One of the core principles of any digital PR campaign is that of creative thinking. Ideation and brainstorming are one of the first things you’ll do in any campaign, and they are certainly one of the most important! But ideating...
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