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club l london have mastered digital pr

Brand in the Spotlight: Club L London – and PR Tips for Growing Fashion Brands

13/07/22 General Digital PR

The fast fashion industry is saturated. It’s brimming with businesses who are fighting to get their clothes, shoes and bags galore in front of their target audiences. So how do these brands stand out from the crowd and promote themselves...
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never mind the keywords episode 2 rich tyrrell

5 Things We Learned From Episode 2 of Never Mind the Keywords with MYP’s Rich Tyrrell

20/05/22 Uncategorised News Digital Marketing

Just a short while ago I embarked on a new project at Embryo, by getting stuck in as a co-host for our brand new podcast, Never Mind The Keywords.  Over the first series myself and four colleagues have had the...
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marketing calendar

How to Build Digital PR Campaigns and Stories around Marketing Calendars

27/04/22 Digital Marketing Uncategorised Digital PR

When it comes to publicising your own brand or a brand you’re working with in the media, through Digital PR, you get the chance to hone in on your creative skills and think outside the box. And while this is...
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grow your business

75 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Elevate Your Business in 2022

28/01/22 News General

With a new year comes new goals, aims and strategies, and in 2022 your main aspiration might be to level up your business – whatever that may be – as best you can. And who better to take inspiration from?...
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instagram influencer

How to Become an Instagram Influencer

16/12/21 News Digital Marketing

The definition of an ‘Instagram influencer’ and what it means to be one has evolved in recent years, as the social media platform itself has grown. With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram is the perfect platform for influencers,...
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press release

The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Press Release for Beginners

23/11/21 Digital PR

To put it simply, press releases are a way for individuals, organisations, public bodies and brands to share their news and stories with the media, and the wider public. They are made up of written content, which is primed and...
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100 quotes about digital marketing

100 Digital Marketing Quotes to Inspire You and Your Business

28/10/21 Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? Well, it’s a way for brands to promote themselves to potential customers using the internet, including social media, as well as other forms of digital communication. Also known as online or content marketing, it’s a type of advertising that...
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