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core web vitals

Core Web Vitals – How We Optimise For It

08/07/21 SEO

Core Web Vitals is the latest update currently being rolled out by Google. SEO’s and web developers have been preparing for the update roll out which was planned for May, but ended up being pushed back to June. So how...
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woocommerce google shopping integration

WooCommerce’s Google Shopping Integration is Now Live

22/06/21 SEO PPC Web Development

Google has recently announced an integration partnership with WooCommerce to help retailers and ecommerce stores easily display their products and inventory across Google properties, including organic search, paid search, organic & paid shopping and also YouTube. The integration comes as...
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latest google update

Here It Comes! Google’s Page Experience Algorithm Update Is Rolling Out Now.

17/06/21 SEO Web Design Web Development

And we’re off! Google in a tweet yesterday, announced that its Page Experience Algorithm Update had started to roll out. Initially due to launch last year, then postponed, and then postponed again from the rescheduled May launch, we’ve finally arrived...
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google core algorithm

Fix Your Core Web Vitals and Boost Your Rankings

26/05/21 SEO Digital Marketing Best Practices

There is an upcoming core Google update that will shake and change the world of web rankings and search engine optimisation as we know it. In the upcoming update, there will be three new search ranking signals added into Google’s ever-expanding and...
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google my business call history feature rollout

Google My Business Call History Feature Rollout

20/05/21 SEO

Google has added yet more functionality to the Google My Business platform, although still in beta, the call history feature is slowly being rolled out across the Google product. Since its launch in 2014, Google My Business has transformed local...
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Initial Data Shows That Only 4% Of Users Are Opting In To Ad Tracking On iOS

10/05/21 Digital Marketing Social Apps

As the privacy war on advertising continues to ramp up, Apple’s latest rollout of privacy-enhancing features included the option to deny apps the ability to track you across other websites and apps. It does this by restricting the app from...
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core web vitals cheatsheet

Core Web Vitals Cheatsheet

26/04/21 SEO

With the Core Web Vitals update fast approaching (this has now been pushed back to June from May, see here), the SEO and web development team have been working hard analysing websites and researching ways to help websites meet the...
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reflections on 10 years in seo

Reflections on 10 Years in SEO

20/04/21 SEO

2021 marks 10 years since I started my SEO career. Starting out in 2011, I had no experience whatsoever, and despite researching prior to that interview, I still wasn’t 100% sure what exactly SEO entailed. I knew what it stood...
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increase in the number of people playing games

Different ways in which the Gaming Industry is changing

25/03/21 Content News Digital Marketing

It’s no surprise that the gaming industry has a forever growing audience, but the last year has seen the most significant growth period to date. Covid-19 has given the average gamer the time/confidence they need to start a full-time gaming...
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collection of hard disk drives

Google’s Tiered Index System

23/02/21 SEO

In a recent episode of Google’s Search Off The Record Podcast, Google’s own Gary Illyes revealed how Google uses a tiered system for it’s index. The most popular content is indexed on faster, more expensive storage compared to the bulk...
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