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Core Web Vitals Cheatsheet

26/04/21 SEO

With the Core Web Vitals update fast approaching (this has now been pushed back to June from May, see here), the SEO and web development team have been working hard analysing websites and researching ways to help websites meet the...
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Collection of hard disk drives

Google’s Tiered Index System

23/02/21 SEO

In a recent episode of Google’s Search Off The Record Podcast, Google’s own Gary Illyes revealed how Google uses a tiered system for it’s index. The most popular content is indexed on faster, more expensive storage compared to the bulk...
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XML Sitemap Optimisation

Optimising Your XML Sitemap

15/01/21 SEO

XML sitemaps are an essential SEO best practice, for search engines they are an easy way for search engine crawlers to understand the structure of pages on your website. They also provide insight into how often a page is updated...
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Page titles and meta descriptions

ACF & RankMath: Automating Your Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

30/12/20 SEO

For many years, Yoast SEO has been my go to plugin for optimising WordPress websites. Until recently, I have switched to RankMath which is a feature rich SEO plugin with more features than Yoast. The ability to add Schema to...
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Google organic shopping

Google Organic Shopping: What We’ve Seen So Far

09/11/20 SEO

Google has opened up shopping search results for organic in October for the first time since 2012. Following the COVID-19 pandemic and many bricks to mortar businesses being forced to close, Google has stepped in to make sure that businesses...
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Googlebot to Start Crawling Websites Using HTTP/2

28/09/20 Uncategorised

Google has announced this week that Googlebot will be crawling selected sites using HTTP/2 from November. Whilst a number of mainstream web browsers have supported the HTTP/2 protocol for a while now, Google has decided that the time is right...
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link building

Good Link, Bad Link. How to Identify the Two

13/07/20 SEO

Link building is a key aspect to any SEO campaign. When done correctly link building can help to boost your rankings, when done badly it can have a drastic impact on your website’s search engine performance. Like most of SEO,...
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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager Tracking Basics

15/06/20 Digital Marketing

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool that effectively cuts out the developer middle man for adding functionality to a website. Call tracking, chat bot agents, heat mapping integration and social media pixels are all easily deployable making tracking for...
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Web browser address bar

Tips for a Smooth Website Migration

22/05/20 SEO

The term “website migration” is a phrase that can put many SEOs in a cold sweat. Keeping those well earnt positions in SERPs and organic search traffic is a priority and a website migration has the potential to rock the...
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two people bump elbows

COVID-19, What the UK has been Searching

16/04/20 SEO

Since March 23rd the UK has been in lockdown flipping people’s worlds upside down. In this blog post we are going to take a look at Google search trends around the Covid-19 outbreak to identify peak searches and what users...
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