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A Guide To Black Friday Marketing

12/11/21 Digital Marketing

In just two weeks on 26th November, Black Friday 2021 will take place, shortly followed by Cyber Monday on 29th November. What started off as a celebration in America following Thanksgiving Day has now turned into one of the biggest shopping events of...
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How Can Businesses Be More Sustainable? A Guide To Maximising Sustainability Across Different Industries

25/10/21 General

Written by Megan Ritchie & Emma Day   As a marketing agency, we’re always looking to see how businesses across all sectors are adapting and evolving to meet the demands of consumers. More recently though, businesses recognise that they don’t just...
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molly mae prettylittlething creative director

Analysing Molly Mae’s Appointment As PrettyLittleThing’s New Creative Director

02/09/21 News

Last Thursday, as Molly Mae Hague launched her latest collection with PrettyLittleThing, it was announced that she’d also take the role of Creative Director for the UK and EU. Of course, inevitably, people took to their social media accounts to voice...
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manchester pride 2021

Manchester Pride 2021: What’s On & How To Show Your Support

17/08/21 General

As a Manchester-based digital marketing agency, we’re always keen to shout about, and celebrate, any events that are taking place in our great city. Perhaps one of the most exciting celebrations in the city is the annual Pride Festival, which is...
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achieving your goals

Your Guide To Being A Goal-Getter: How To Stick To Your Goals And Smash Them

29/07/21 General

With a new month on the horizon, there’s no better time to talk about setting goals. Having a goal to achieve can be a great source of motivation which is especially important when you face challenges, and it also provides focus...
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Making Sense Of The Burnout Debate

25/06/21 General

There are a few common debates flying around on LinkedIn at the moment, many of which you’ve probably seen. There’s the conversation around the four-day working week, the ‘how often would you like to work from home?’ polls, and the...
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importance of bloggers for seo purposes

The Importance of Bloggers for SEO Purposes

27/05/21 SEO Content

Blogging is often a key part of a content marketing strategy. Google rewards websites that have fresh, long-form content on them – adding regular blog content is just one of the ways to score points from Google and aid your...
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hand of male putting wood cube block with word brand on wooden table.

Your Guide To Building A Personal Brand: Part 2

07/04/21 Digital Marketing Social Content General

In my previous blog post – the part 1 edition of ‘your guide to building a personal brand’ – I discussed what a personal brand is and how to create one that is clear and effective. Considering your industry and...
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build your brand typed on a vintage typewriter 1

Your Guide To Building A Personal Brand: Part 1

26/03/21 Digital Marketing Social Content General

Prior to joining Embryo as a Content Executive, I took on various projects as a marketing freelancer. In my role, I wanted to create a clear brand that would help me to define my values and my mission, to attract...
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fashion content writer

Top Tips For Every Content Writer Working In Fashion

22/02/21 Content Digital Marketing

Before joining the Content team at Embryo earlier this month, I was a copywriter in the fashion industry (which is pretty hard to believe considering I spend 99% of my life in a hoodie and leggings right now). Whilst my...
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