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TikTok Stories: A game changer or just another copycat feature?

11/08/21 Social

  At the moment it feels like TikTok and Instagram are constantly competing for our attention. First, we saw Instagram introduce Reels to mimic TikTok’s success and more recently, TikTok has announced that they are testing Instagram style stories.  ...
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5 Video Ideas To Help You Adapt To Instagram’s Latest Update

06/07/21 Social

Earlier this week, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has described the app as no longer just a photo-sharing app. He goes on to explain that Instagram will be “embracing video more broadly – full-screen video, immersive, entertaining, for mobile...
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instagram reels

4 Reasons You Should Be Using Reels

01/06/21 Social

Since Instagram introduced Reels on 5th August 2020, it has become one of the app’s most popular features. Many believe Reels was introduced as a (rather unoriginal) response to the huge growth of TikTok, in an attempt to keep the...
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How social media is fuelling our obsession with fast fashion

19/05/21 Social

Typically, trends run on a ‘20 year cycle’ meaning clothes we were wearing 20 years ago are considered fashionable again. However, in recent years, the speed of the fashion cycle has accelerated, largely due to social media.    Think about the...
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3 Top tips on how to improve your social media engagement

06/01/21 Social Best Practices

As you know, social media is a competitive, overcrowded space. During the past year especially, more and more people have been using social media to connect with others, keep up with the news and make purchase decisions, no matter how...
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How to get the most from your social media video!

21/12/20 Social Best Practices

  With TikTok being this year’s most downloaded app, Instagram launching Reels and Twitter launching Fleets, Video content is everywhere on social media, and it’s clear to see why. The average person watches 16 hours per week of video content...
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Why the perfect Instagram grid shouldn’t be your priority!

11/11/20 Social

If you visit an Instagram Influencers profile, it’s more often than not that you will see a beautiful, colour coordinated grid. Every image has the same filter, lighting or focal point, and there’s no denying, they look amazing.  In reality,...
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How to boost your organic reach on social media

15/09/20 Digital Marketing Social

Organic reach on social media is in decline. Organic posts reach just 5.5% of page followers As a result of this, most brands opt for paid social ads to improve their reach. It’s a fast way to reach a large,...
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TikTok: Why it's so much more than just teenagers dancing!

04/09/20 Digital Marketing Social

For me, when I hear TikTok, I instantly think of the 2009 classic by Kesha (that I’m proud to say I know word for word) However for teenagers nowadays, it means something completely different. I recently downloaded TikTok for ‘research’....
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Size isn't everything: How small ecommerce brands can compete with the big guys on social media

24/08/20 Social

There’s lots of benefits of being small There are approximately 3.6 billion internet users actively using social media worldwide, so it’s no wonder so many businesses choose to reach their customers via social media marketing. As a new business, it...
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