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Giving Yourself A Break Through the Last of Lockdown

24/03/21 #TeamEmbryo General

I like to consider myself a fairly optimistic and cheery person, but with our national lockdown anniversary just passed, the charms of lockdown one are all but dead in the water, and even though the light at the end of...
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learning at work

What I’ve Learned in 2 Years at Embryo

15/02/21 Digital Marketing #TeamEmbryo Content

I recently celebrated my two-year anniversary at Embryo, and over that time I’ve seen so much change around here! That officially makes me feel about four million years old, but it’s been such a pleasure to see the team grow,...
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New Year’s Resolutions for 2021 that Don’t Suck

18/01/21 General

According to Forbes magazine, (and let’s be honest, most of our own experiences) studies show that around 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Why? For lots of reasons actually, but perhaps the primary reason is as a collective most of...
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santa checking his emails

Festive Email Marketing: Some Yays and Some Nays

04/12/20 General Digital Marketing Best Practices

As I sit in my home office, writing my contribution to the Embryo blog, it is sleeting outside (which is almost as good as snow, right?) and I have four tabs open with assorted “Mulled Wine Recipes”, which means the...
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Get out the glitter – we're crafting our way through COVID

21/09/20 Uncategorised

On the back of the news that we’re re-locking-down, at least a little bit, lots of us are feeling like we’ve taken a bit of a step back on the road to normality, whatever that looks like these days. However,...
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Welcoming Jo, Our New Head of Digital PR!

09/09/20 #TeamEmbryo

It never stops, another meet the team post! This time around, we’re delighted to welcome Jo Threlfall as our new Head of Digital PR. Jo will be taking the reigns of our Digital PR department, helping identify and create opportunities...
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grazia magazine covers

How Digital Trends are Benefiting Female-led Publications

03/09/20 Digital PR

During the UK’s lockdown, the majority of the magazines we’ve enjoyed reading on our commute to work have had to adjust to a new working environment as over the past six months some of the most empowering stories have been...
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legolas is confused

GDPR is not as scary and just as boring as you thought

28/08/20 Uncategorised

The phrase “GDPR” is often enough to strike anguish in the heart of any digital professional, since it’s one of the most notoriously snooze-worthy pieces of legislation ever written.  In fact, sleep and meditation app Calm recently released a sleep...
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How AI is Changing Email Marketing

07/08/20 Uncategorised

AI, Artificial Intelligence, Ex Machina, The robots are coming for us all, All Hail The Google Overlords – whatever you call it, it’s becoming increasingly significant for people who don’t work with 4000 lines of code and 16 different neural...
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Anyone for Brunch? My Favourite City Centre Spots.

29/07/20 Uncategorised

On the days I’m not creating some crafty content here at Embryo Digital, you can probably find me tucking into the most important meal of the day – brunch. I’ve brunched a lot, and living in the city centre brings...
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