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Some of the best long form posts about SEO ever

29/03/19 SEO

Using the excellent Ahrefs’ Content Explorer, I thought I would take a look at some of the best SEO posts ever made that were more than 5,000 words long. So, we are talking very long form – not just your...
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SEO Jobs In Manchester Agencies, then and now

24/03/19 SEO

Having come back to help run a digital marketing company in the city, I wanted to see what the difference in Manchester SEO jobs was compared to when I was last here, some five years ago. Did SEO roles consist...
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Why you need more than 1,000 words on your homepage

07/03/19 SEO Best Practices

Often, we are asked by web design firms of our clients (or sometimes from clients themselves) why we suggest that they should have anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 words on their homepages – and on many other key pages, too....
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Does an SEO strategy have to be complex? Depends.

06/02/19 SEO

Recently, the organic search team at Embryo have been working on SEO strategies for a few new clients that we have the privilege of working with. One of the sites is a huge monster, full of thousands of pages of...
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Getting Your Digital Marketing Stack Right

20/01/19 Digital Marketing

Whether you are an SEO freelancer, a small digital agency, or a large multinational marketing company with an SEO arm, it is important that you have what I call a digital marketing technology stack. This is a group of technologies...
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Why Innovation Should Be A Priority For Your Business In 2019

05/01/19 Digital Marketing

To me, the author of this post (James Welch), innovation isn’t only important in 2019, but in every month of every year for now until the end of time. A business that is not innovating is standing still at best,...
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