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reflections on 10 years in seo

SEO in 2022 – what do non-SEOs think is going to happen?

13/12/21 SEO

Today I did a very impromptu, two-minute exercise, to see what various (non-SEO) team members in the office today thought would happen in the world of SEO in 2022 and beyond. I have pasted what each of the team thought...
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old seo man

Why I Love Michael Martinez, the Polemic SEO

20/07/20 SEO

When you start to know what ‘real SEO’ is. When you start to understand that most SEO blog posts and authors are simply wasting your time. When you start to get your own ‘SEO legs’. These are the times that...
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old versus new

What Will SEO Become? What Is The Future of Search Engine Optimisation?

02/07/20 SEO

What will be the future of SEO for website owners over the next five years? I do have an idea, and I think that it involves understanding more, and working more with, ‘signals’. I think that with each Google algorithm...
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image depicting contextuality in seo

SEO Is All About Contextuality in 2020 And Beyond

15/06/20 SEO

In my current vein of thinking, if you were to ask me to explain what SEO is, in as simple form as possible, I would give an answer like the following: “SEO is about making every page on your site...
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marketing funnel

SEO vs PPC – What is the blogosphere saying?

23/05/20 SEO PPC

Using the excellent content brief tool on frase.io, I wanted to see what prominent blogs were saying when it comes to ‘SEO vs PPC‘. Here’s what the tool ‘spat’ out. Pretty neat, eh? This brief scanned the following sources (title,...
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science equipment

Talent needs passion and hard work (to succeed in digital marketing) – or any industry

01/05/20 Digital Marketing

Talent – on its own – means nothing. This is true in most walks of life, but it is especially true, I have found, in the world of digital marketing/SEO/social media. It is an industry where you get found out...
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content marketing specialists

SEO/Content Marketing April Roundup

27/04/20 SEO Content

Here’s a quick roundup of some great articles about content marketing (with hints of search engine optimisation) added, as I couldn’t help myself. Some useful stuff here to read. Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing During the COVID Crisis (business2community.com) Key Topics: social...
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seo manchester

April Roundup of Some Interesting SEO Articles

14/04/20 SEO

Here’s a few SEO articles that I found interesting to read so far this month (and a few trailing days from last month). What Is Content Marketing & Why It Matters (searchenginejournal.com) Key Topics: AR, Google, Content Marketing, Adblock Summary: Now that we’ve laid out...
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seo interview questions

Common SEO Questions That You May Be Asked At Your Next Interview – And How NOT To Answer Them!

05/04/20 SEO

Here are some typical questions that you may be asked at by an ‘end client’, or even web design/SEO agency when you put on those formal clothes and go for your next job in the wonderful world of digital marketing...
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old seo man

Some of my best SEO memories 2001-2007

24/03/20 SEO

I was struggling to come up with a blog post today, mainly because I have spent a lot of time doing non-SEO things in the past few weeks for obvious reasons. If you are reading this in the future, search...
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