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page from dictionary

Pagination Vs Infinite Scroll

27/06/22 Best Practices Research

What is Pagination? Pagination is a system used to divide similar/ stackable content into pages and in doing so presenting the content in a limited state reducing the page size as well as reducing the amount any user has to...
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newspaper stand

Where to put your CTA? Is above the fold still relevant?

13/04/22 Web Development Data Web Design

What is ‘The Fold’? ‘The Fold’ is a term that originates from the printing and folding of newspapers with the upper front half being prime real estate for any large story/ article while being folded on the stall bringing in...
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low fidelity wireframes

Simple steps to follow: Useful wireframes

01/02/22 Web Design Web Development

What is a Wireframe? In as few words as possible, a wireframe is a quick sketch created as early in the web project to capture as much valuable information that could help or be developed further into the project. This...
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