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Book review: Get Your Sh*t Together

16/02/21 General

Disclaimer: This book review will contain the word ‘sh*t’ a good few times, not as many as the book itself though! I’m also not the biggest fan of non-fiction books, especially those that fall under the ‘self-help’ bracket, so I...
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Blackpool Pleasure Beach Rollercoaster

Social Media in 2021: What We’ve Learnt From 2020

25/01/21 Social

I won’t bore you with all the cliches about how 2020 was an ‘unprecedented year’ etc. However, what I will say is that it has been an absolute rollercoaster and massively changed the social media landscape. Brands that never saw...
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What It’s Like to Work in Social Media

09/12/20 Social

Although I’m not necessarily old, when I was growing up social media wasn’t a job that existed. If you told 13 year old me that I’d work in social media, let alone be the Head of Paid Social, I’d ask...
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How To Use Social Media To Help Your Mental Health

18/11/20 Social General

You can’t deny it’s been a pretty tough time for a lot of people recently. Lockdown 2.0, businesses closed once again and the absolute cloud of uncertainty around everything can be pretty overwhelming. I recently wrote a blog about helping...
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Shop Small This Christmas – Our Favourite Small Businesses to Support

10/11/20 General

Without a doubt, this Christmas is going to be very different. Who knows what is going to happen with lockdown, are shops ever going to open and can your Nan even come round for Christmas dinner anymore? But, it’s not...
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The Social Media Marketing Masterpiece That Is Cardi B

22/09/20 Social

This is my second blog in a series of ‘The Social Media Marketing Masterpiece That Is … ‘, the first being on Lewis Capaldi over a year ago now. Obviously, this blog is centred around the enigma that is Cardi...
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Learning A Second Language Can Make You Better At Marketing

08/09/20 Uncategorised Digital Marketing Social

For anyone that doesn’t know, prior to starting my career in social media marketing, I was actually a keen European Languages student with aspirations to travel abroad and teach English. I studied German from Year 7 all the way through...
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Social Engagement Campaigns – What Are They? Should You Use Them?

20/08/20 Uncategorised Social

If you’re familiar with social media advertising, you’re probably aware of the engagement campaign objective, and use it to boost the odd post, however have never really considered it as part of a long time strategy. Personally, I include engagement...
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Netflix, Zumba & The New Taylor Swift Album, What They Have In Common

12/08/20 Social

Without a doubt lockdown and the global pandemic has been very tricky for a lot of people. Personally, living on my own, it’s been really, really boring. I miss being in the office, I miss seeing my friends, I miss...
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TikTok: What You Need To Know As A Marketer

09/07/20 Social

If you read my previous blog based around social media and body positivity, you’ll know that TikTok is a new guilty pleasure of mine. To be honest, when it first started getting popular I thought it was just a really...
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