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Is your business using the 7 Ps of Marketing?

04/11/21 Digital Marketing Strategy

As a small business owner, it can be challenging to know what is the best way to promote your business, products and services in order to reach the right audience. Especially as new channels like digital marketing develop. That’s where...
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fun facts

A Few Fun Facts About Digital Marketing

04/10/21 Digital Marketing Best Practices

A fact is something that occurs in real life and separates the truth from fiction.  Some facts are stranger than others – for example, did you know that The British royal family isn’t allowed to play Monopoly? Or, that ​​it...
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the downtown embryo index

Beginners Guide to the Downtown Embryo Index

22/09/21 Embryo Index News Digital Marketing

Who are Downtown in Business? Downtown in Business are the fastest growing business networking group in the UK. With offices in Liverpool, Lancashire, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Cheshire, and London, they offer their members, who are spread across a range of...
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british highstreet

The future of retail: how to create a strategy that sells

03/08/21 Embryo Index

It’s no surprise that the last 12 months have been tough for the retail industry, with 2020 being the year pretty much everything was cancelled, shopping trends have changed, with consumers spending less on getting dressed up, and physical stores...
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Who really won Euro 2020?

12/07/21 Best Practices News

Over the last month the Euro 2020 competition has captured the attention of the nation. Prior to the sporting event the most-watched programs of the year were Boris Johnson’s statement (14.1million), the final episode of Line of Duty (12.9milion) and...
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What is the Google 3-pack, and how can you optimise your website for it?

03/06/21 Digital Marketing SEO

The Google 3-pack is the top three results that are displayed for local search engine rankings. Using the location of the user who is searching, Google ensures the results are relevant to where they are based. The results are often...
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What’s a CTA and how should you use them?

06/05/21 Digital Marketing Best Practices

A Call to Action (CTA) is essential to any business as they are prompts for users, your audience and or customers to take the desired action that you specify. A basic CTA tends to be a button on your website...
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shutterstock 575272144

Don’t be a fool when it comes to campaigns

01/04/21 Digital Marketing

April Fool’s is a classic day to play pranks and tricks on friends and family and even for brands to have fun and engage with their audiences and customers. With traditional rules stating that the fools must be carried about...
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embryo index feb movers & shakers

Embryo Index: Movers & Shakers in February

04/03/21 Embryo Index

Last month there were lots of changes to the Embryo Indexes, as well as updating Retail and Travel we also launched our new Fashion Index which focuses on retailers within affordable fashion, multi-brand retailers and more.  Some brands are listed...
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shutterstock 601202516

Embryo Index Retail Focus: Sports Direct

02/02/21 Embryo Index

The Embryo Indexes show the top 100 companies (from a pool of more) within a range of industries and sectors. Each company is scored against a series of metrics which culminate in an overall Embryo Index Score, this score then...
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