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digital marketing strategy planning

Why Digital Marketing Is Vital For Your Small Business

04/05/22 Digital Marketing Best Practices

Sales are essential to any business, but even more so to small businesses. In order to generate those sales, you need to be carrying out marketing activities that put your brand, products or services right at the forefront of your...
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linkedin b2b

9 Ways For B2B Brands To Get More Out Of LinkedIn

04/04/22 Social Digital Marketing

What was once a platform that was predominantly used for recruitment and careers, LinkedIn has become a great tool for businesses and business professionals to develop their brands. With over 810,000,000 users in more than 200 countries worldwide, it’s no...
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fashion index case study image

The Digital Strategy You Need To Succeed In The Fashion Industry

01/03/22 Digital Marketing

At Embryo we pride ourselves on our curiosity and innovation, which is how we were able to develop the Embryo Index. Our indexes are powerful tools that enable businesses from multiple industries to compare their digital strategies against each other to...
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agencynomics book

50 books to help develop your skills in 2022

03/02/22 Digital Marketing General

As a young team, Embryo recognises the importance of personal and professional development, not just for the progress of individual members, but also for the progress of Embryo as a company as a whole. Our team regularly partake in a...
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digital marketing channels

7 Digital Marketing Channels Your Business Should be Using

04/01/22 Digital Marketing Best Practices

What is Digital Marketing? Put simply Digital Marketing encompasses any online activities your business carries out in order to advertise to its key stakeholders. As these activities usually occur in real-time you can consistently track and measure the results of...
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the 7ps of marketing

Is your business using the 7 Ps of Marketing?

04/11/21 Digital Marketing Strategy

As a small business owner, it can be challenging to know what is the best way to promote your business, products and services in order to reach the right audience. Especially as new channels like digital marketing develop. That’s where...
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fun facts

A Few Fun Facts About Digital Marketing

04/10/21 Digital Marketing Best Practices

A fact is something that occurs in real life and separates the truth from fiction.  Some facts are stranger than others – for example, did you know that The British royal family isn’t allowed to play Monopoly? Or, that ​​it...
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the downtown embryo index

Beginners Guide to the Downtown Embryo Index

22/09/21 Embryo Index News Digital Marketing

Who are Downtown in Business? Downtown in Business are the fastest growing business networking group in the UK. With offices in Liverpool, Lancashire, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Cheshire, and London, they offer their members, who are spread across a range of...
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british highstreet

The future of retail: how to create a strategy that sells

03/08/21 Embryo Index

It’s no surprise that the last 12 months have been tough for the retail industry, with 2020 being the year pretty much everything was cancelled, shopping trends have changed, with consumers spending less on getting dressed up, and physical stores...
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who really won euro 2020?

Who really won Euro 2020?

12/07/21 Best Practices News

Over the last month the Euro 2020 competition has captured the attention of the nation. Prior to the sporting event the most-watched programs of the year were Boris Johnson’s statement (14.1million), the final episode of Line of Duty (12.9milion) and...
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