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Inclusive Language In The Workplace

14/06/21 General

Though my religion is part of my identity, and I am proud to be Jewish – unfortunately, I never notice my identity more than when it’s being used against me – whether with discomfort, ridicule or antisemitism. I’ve been quite...
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Your Brand Values: What Does Your Business Stand For?

04/05/21 Digital Marketing Best Practices Content

If you were asked to describe yourself in 4 words or phrases, what would those 4 terms be? Would you focus on your intelligence, your kindness, being a good listener and creativity, or would you choose words such as ‘brave’,...
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Set The Tone For 2021: Why TOV Matters In Content

13/01/21 Best Practices Content

The phrase, ‘’New Year, New Me’’ gets thrown around a lot this time of the year, and though it usually pertains to diet goals, reduced alcohol consumption and better budgeting, it can also refer to our state of mind, our...
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difficult conversation at work

Managing Difficult Conversations At Work

17/12/20 Content General

As an introvert, there are unfortunately a range of situations that fill my heart with dread. Big crowds, public speaking and having to make small talk are among them, and I’m not a big fan of difficult conversations either. Whether...
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grammar importance feature image

I Before E Unless It’s In The Dictionary

13/11/20 Content

And even then, there are exceptions to the rule. I’ve always been a stickler for correct grammar, and feel that when it comes to content and any form of written communication, it’s not only necessary, but a sign that you’ve...
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The Power Of Words In Marketing: Taglines & Slogans

11/09/20 Content

‘’Let’s go places’’ because ‘‘Impossible is Nothing’’. We can go ‘‘Everywhere you want to be’’, ‘‘Because you’re worth it’’. ‘’The Happiest Place on Earth’’ perhaps, or maybe we can ‘‘Fly the friendly skies’’? Then again, ‘‘Red Bull gives you wings’’....
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Emotional Content vs Informational Content: It's On

17/08/20 Digital Marketing Content

5 years ago, when I was a third year university student, I had a lecture where everyone was asked to debate the pros and cons of emotional and informational-based advertising, and consider the appeals that were being used to draw...
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The Periodic Tables Of Marketing – Part 1

09/06/20 Digital Marketing Content

I’ve always been in awe of people who are good at science, because quite honestly – it’s never been one of my strong points. Sure, I can just about remember the parts of a flower and know old adages such...
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Digital Marketing AI Roundup

27/05/20 Digital Marketing

Here is a quick roundup of some useful articles about artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing and how marketers can use AI for their benefit. What Is Artificial Intelligence Marketing & Why Is It So Powerful? ( Summary: Artificial intelligence...
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Learning Local SEO

15/05/20 SEO

I’ve always been told that only boring people get bored, and that if you’re ever feeling restless or are looking for something to do, then you should take that opportunity to learn something new, and expand your skill set. As...
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