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What The Snowman Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

29/12/21 Content Best Practices

Though there is much debate surrounding Die Hard being a Christmas movie, and whether films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Gremlins should be deemed more Halloween-esque than festive, no-one at Embryo can deny that The Snowman – the...
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From Psychics To Pet Care: Content Writing For Varied Industries

17/11/21 Content

When asked what my favourite thing about working in content is, my #1 answer is always the variety of clients I get to work with and how much I learn about their businesses, markets and what makes them stand out...
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Writing Optimised Content: A Beginner’s Guide

15/10/21 Content

If you’re a good writer, you know that it’s your responsibility to produce work that engages the audience, convinces them of the client’s offering and ultimately creates a tie that makes loyalists out of consumers. If you’re a great writer,...
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smartphone augmented reality supermarket

Augmented Reality And Its Place In Supermarkets

29/09/21 News

Augmented reality has been around for some time now and it’s a term, and even a feature, on the whole, that’s often overlooked due to the hype around virtual reality. There is a key difference though, as virtual reality is...
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Want To Work In Content? A Manager’s Guide

13/09/21 Content

From blog posts, articles and website content through to social media posts, press releases and whitepapers, content is an expansive sector that is rapidly growing and innovating. It wasn’t that long ago that gaming content (advergaming), promotion through AR and...
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Are you back in the office yet?

13/08/21 News

With the government lifting COVID restrictions on July 19th, the chat amongst working professionals and on LinkedIn (there’s been a lot of polls), has included the question ‘Are you back in the office yet? In my experience, I’ve seen a...
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A Good Content Editor: The Importance

09/08/21 Content Best Practices

If I had to choose one area of content that I’ve never been particularly fond of – it would be proofreading and content editing. Don’t get me wrong – I love to help team members improve their content and work,...
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Introverted Managers: Your Guide

23/07/21 General

It was hesitation, she felt, as she was offered the role as Head of Content – a role she had longed for the past 2 years – upon realising she’d have to manage a growing team, communicate more effectively, and...
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mad men catsup pic

The Best Marketing Campaign Posters You’ve Ever Seen!

02/07/21 Digital Marketing

Most of these posters you will have seen before but just to let you know, this list is DEFINITIVE. Some of these posters were created to get the company out of a jam and others are just clever promos. A...
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3 data science social media accounts you should be following

23/06/21 Digital PR

Data is becoming an increasingly crucial part of digital marketing and business. Data science is the future, with some of the biggest organisations on the planet like Amazon, Google and Facebook all investing heavily in this burgeoning field in recent...
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