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campaign landing page

How to design a Campaign Landing Page

10/01/22 Web Design PPC

Campaign landing pages are key to any successful campaign, and are widely used by various sized businesses for varying campaigns. Whether you’re enquiring about a new car, financial services or even signing up for a webinar, conversion based landing pages...
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mobile wireframes

How to Design for Mobile

19/10/21 Web Design

As more and more users move away from desktops and laptops and towards mobile devices, it’s important that we’re designing for the majority and making sure our websites and apps are accessible to all users. We’ve all been the victim...
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meet jamal, our new website project manager!

Meet Jamal, our new Website Project Manager!

27/08/21 #TeamEmbryo

The team at Embryo is very excited to introduce Jamal Maynard, our new website project manager!  Jamal has joined the Web Team and will be working with our lovely clients on everything from creative briefs to full website development projects....
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website project round - up

Website Project Round-up

30/07/21 Web Development Web Design

Within the web team, we have been exceptionally busy for the first six months of the year, working on a range of different website projects. Below is a round-up of just some of the projects we have delivered so far...
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setting smart goals

Setting SMART Goals

12/04/21 Operations #TeamEmbryo

During my recent one-to-one working through my Development Programme, I was asked to set both personal and professional goals. I found the process of thinking about not only what I wanted to achieve within my professional career but also in...
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collaborative wireframes

Why collaboration is key to achieving a strong design

10/03/21 Web Development Web Design

When it comes to design, collaborating with various groups of people, collating opinions and utilising people’s experiences will only support in designing a strong website. It’s important that take advantage of the skillsets within your team but also, the knowledge...
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project wash-ups - why are they important?

Project Wash-ups – Why are they important?

19/02/21 Web Design Web Development

What is a wash-up meeting? A wash-up meeting takes place at the end of a project and it’s purpose is to review the project as a whole. Everyone who was involved in the project attends the meeting and it gives...
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creative feedback

How to stay positive and motivated when receiving creative feedback

07/01/21 Web Design

When presenting your creative to your client, there’s always the chance (no matter how small) that they’re not going to be 100% on board. All clients are different and they all have different opinions and experiences so receiving varying levels...
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ux design

Website User Frustrations

08/12/20 Web Design Web Development

When it comes to user experience, there are many things to factor in to ensure your website is going to be successful. However, there are some crucial yet simple things that some designers/developers sometimes overlook when it comes to the...
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