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backlinks and disavowing in 2022

The go to guide for search query analysis

28/02/22 PPC

If you’ve found your way to this blog, you might be someone who’s either a digital marketing novice or a very experienced marketing expert. That’s why I’ll be covering all things search queries, from what they are, to how they...
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meeting room discussion

The Dos and Don’ts of Client Communication

13/10/21 Best Practices Digital Marketing

Displaying excellent client communication skills is a crucial aspect of any successful business. In fact, when executed with diligence, care and confidence, strong effective communication with clients can accelerate business growth exponentially. As a service-based digital agency, client services are...
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improving results graph

How We Achieved 700% Lead Growth YoY

28/09/21 PPC

In the world of digital marketing, the primary aim for clients, no matter how big or small is to grow. For some businesses, they do a very good job of building organically, word of mouth marketing, getting new business from...
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google match type changes

Google Match Type Changes

28/07/21 PPC

Ultimately, Google Ads has now gotten rid of broad match modifiers (BMM) and it has also updated how phrase match targeting works to expand matching capabilities. The aim of this change is to improve relevancy from search term to keyword...
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house diy

DIY improvements to your digital strategy: What you can learn from the Embryo index

16/04/21 Digital Marketing Embryo Index

A Spring clean is a great opportunity to reorganise your home and make those home improvements you’ve been thinking about for some time. This has been amplified during lockdown restrictions as reports show that 85% of UK residents have made...
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ppc bidding basics

PPC Bidding Basics

18/03/21 PPC

Before digging into unique bidding rules, let’s look at two basic truths of PPC bidding. Truth #1  You only have two objectives when making a bidding decision. This is most probably oversimplified, but I do think it’s worth pointing out...
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lol pdf

Don’t Strangle The Buyer Funnel

24/02/21 PPC

“How over optimising can kill PPC campaigns” A very common problem when it comes to PPC campaigns is dealing with clients that can be overly fixated on “fixing” their current marketing methods & demanding a need for constant change. However,...
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target audience

Audience Targeting Vs Keyword Targeting

19/01/21 PPC

The shared goal between audience and keyword targeting is to create a successful PPC campaign. In order to do so, you need to ensure that you’re targeting the most relevant users for your business. Easier said than done I know,...
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creating effective search campaigns

Creating Effective Search Campaigns

16/12/20 PPC

There are many things which can make your search campaigns effective. However, I’d like to cover my top 5 tips to ensure you’re maximising your chance of a successful campaign. When it comes to search campaigns. It’s key that you...
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ppc best practices

PPC Top Tips For Maximum Engagement

26/11/20 PPC

Whether It’s PPC, SEO, Content or social. Having the ability to effectively engage with your target audience is key to a successful marketing strategy. With Pay-per-click marketing increasing in popularity rapidly each year, it’s imperative for marketers to ensure they’re...
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