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transferable skills for digital marketing

Here’s How my Master’s Degree in Media and Politics Helps to Bolster my Role in Digital Marketing

28/06/22 Digital PR Digital Marketing

When it comes to a Master’s degree, there are many key takeaways, skills and opportunities that this additional resource can offer. A Master’s degree is a stepping stone to new career opportunities – with a greater earning potential. Aside from...
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laura guillon - episode 4

5 Things We Learned From Episode 4 of Never Mind the Keywords with Laura Guillon

30/05/22 Digital Marketing

In 2022, Embryo took the next step to elevate the agency in the digital sphere by creating the podcast ‘Never mind the Keywords’. The series is hosted by a variety of experts at Embryo, from a range of sectors of...
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pr marketing

PR is more essential than ever for audience engagement and brand growth – here’s a look at some effective campaigns that have implemented different methods of PR

22/03/22 Digital PR Digital Marketing

Engaging with an effective and strategic PR campaign has become more essential for brands than ever. In a world of overstimulation and greater access to digital technology, implementing an effective PR strategy to further consumer engagement, widen brand exposure and...
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1 year anniversary working for embryo

The knowledge I’ve gained from my first year working at Embryo

15/02/22 Digital PR Digital Marketing

This month officially marks a year since I joined Embryo – and what a year it’s been! After a long career working in PR in-house for various, renowned companies within the fashion and hospitality sector, I decided that it was time...
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what reading shoe dog can teach you about how to be successful in business

What Reading Shoe Dog Can Teach You About How To Be Successful In Business

24/01/22 Digital Marketing

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) currently account for 99.9% of the business population. In 2021, there were estimated to be 5.6 million UK private sector businesses – 5.5million of these were small businesses, with just 0-49 employees. Starting a small business in...
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fashion trends and tips for targeting journalists

Top tips for targeting fashion and beauty journalists in 2022, according to industry experts

02/12/21 Digital Marketing Digital PR

Public Relations is continuously evolving. That’s why thinking about how to grab the attention of journalists and catering to publication’s requirements is integral for the success of your campaign, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty journalists who are...
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a woman exercises in the gym.

Data analysts at Embryo reveal a shift in the fitness industry post-pandemic

21/09/21 Digital PR

The fitness industry has suffered over the past couple of years, with restrictions and closures having a huge impact on gyms, and many fitness establishments seeing a reduction in memberships, while others have been forced to close down permanently. Following...
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coffee consumption in a post pandemic society

Coffee consumption in a post pandemic society

10/08/21 News Research Digital PR

Coffee is one of the most globally consumed beverages, with over two billion cups being drunk around the world each day. From a customer-focused perspective, the majority of people in the world now have access to coffee. The caffeine-based beverage...
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five top tips for pitching when it comes to newsjacking

Five top tips for pitching when it comes to newsjacking

07/07/21 Digital PR Digital Marketing

As part of Digital PR strategies, newsjacking can be a great way to share a brand’s message quickly. Newsjacking allows you to pitch to journalists who are interested in content with regard to reactive and topical trends. This allows you...
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digital transformation can help smes grow online and increase revenue

How digital transformation can help SMEs grow online and increase revenue

17/06/21 Digital PR Digital Marketing

Many SMEs and entrepreneurs are going online and adopting eCommerce operations for success. With more than 70% of companies being online or having a digital transformation strategy in place, and 96% of UK households with internet access, SMEs and start-up...
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