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The benefits of writing as a… writer…

15/06/22 Best Practices Content General

What are the benefits of writing? It’s a loaded question and one that doesn’t necessarily have one set of specific answers; the benefits of writing are completely specific to each person and everybody will experience different things by getting into...
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Do I Need Google Analytics 4?

18/05/22 SEO Research Data News Digital Marketing Best Practices

It’s the news that everyone in the digital marketing world is talking about: GA4 is nearly here. But the question still looms: “Do I need Google Analytics 4?” It’s a great question. You’re probably very settled with the way that...
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3 Content Design Mistakes Plaguing Your Site

20/04/22 Digital Marketing Content Web Design

This is a good blog post. That’s not just our opinion either – this blog post is designed to look, feel, and sound like a good post. It’s clear, it’s clean, and it passes the eye-scan test at the first...
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content assets

Can content be used as more than just a great SEO tool in 2022?

29/03/22 SEO Digital Marketing Best Practices Content

Picture this: You click on a website as you’re browsing for a new laptop, and there are no words. No written information at all. You learn absolutely nothing beyond what the images show you. It’s not immersive, it’s not engaging,...
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managing a team

Transitioning to management: What are the differences?

22/12/21 #TeamEmbryo Content

Recently, I’ve taken the next step in my career at Embryo, having been promoted from the position of Content Executive to Content Account Manager; it’s a really exciting change and something that I definitely felt ready for, but as with...
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embryo's content marketing strategy

What makes Embryo’s content marketing stand out from the crowd?

09/11/21 Digital Marketing Content Strategy

Here at Embryo, we love looking for new, innovative ways to elevate our client’s content marketing strategy and produce the best possible results from every campaign – if we didn’t think like this, we wouldn’t be where we are today....
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embryo office

The 8 step digital marketing agency in Manchester new starter checklist

22/10/21 Digital Marketing #TeamEmbryo Best Practices Content PPC

So, you’re starting a new job at an exciting digital marketing agency in Manchester and you’re looking for some tips on how to get started? Well first of all, congratulations! You’ve joined a fantastic industry that’s filled with talent and...
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embryo digital agency

Digital Agency: What Makes The Ideal Team?

23/08/21 Digital Marketing #TeamEmbryo Content General

Working at a digital agency is all about teamwork, particularly here at Embryo – over the past year things have been… different, but we’ve taken everything in our stride and adapted to all of the changes and challenges we’ve faced....
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nightclubs return on freedom day

Freedom Day: What’s actually changed?

21/07/21 News #TeamEmbryo Content General

Freedom Day is here and with it, restrictions have been (mostly) removed from day to day activities, allowing people to return to something that resembles normal life as we knew it 18 months ago. It’s been a long time coming...
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