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Celebrating 50 Years of UK Pride: Milestones in LGBT History

06/06/22 News Research

Recalling the early years of UK Pride, Gay Liberation Front‘s Peter Tatchell said of 1972: ‘Back then, Pride was very political… We got mixed reactions from the public. Some were hostile. Many were curious or bewildered. Most had never knowingly...
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google analytics 4: get to know the key benefits

Google Analytics 4: Get to Know the Key Benefits

09/05/22 SEO Digital Marketing

Since 2005, Google Analytics has been the big cheese for tracking website and marketing performance. If you work in SEO or are otherwise involved in analysing how your websites or ads are performing, chances are Google Analytics has been your...
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Is Blogging Really Worth It for Small Businesses in 2022?

03/03/22 Content Digital Marketing

  At Embryo, we often get approached by small businesses about the value of blogging. More specifically, in 2022, with a staggering 7.5 million blog posts being published every day, we get asked if it’s really worth it. Well, the...
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behavioural science marketing

Behavioural Science: A Brief Summary, and a Glossary of Terms Worth Knowing

23/02/22 Research

Research into behavioural science has exploded in recent years. Described as a breakthrough science – for marketers, in particular – this area of research has enabled those in the business of influencing to better predict consumer behaviour. With a better...
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nft dollar money

The ABCs of NFTs: What They Are, and Why Sales Are Soaring in 2022

31/01/22 News Innovation

Still relatively new to the market at less than a decade old, it’s fair to say that NFTs have had a decent run, with last year, in particular, bringing in the big bucks – the highest sale going to artist...
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busy advertising city space

How to Succeed in Advertising: 23 Copywriting Tips for Writing Ads That Sell

22/11/21 Content Best Practices

  Writing persuasive content is something we live and breathe here at Embryo – but it is no easy feat. Unlike long-form content, with ad copy, there is often a huge limit on words and even more so on advertising...
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scrunched up paper next to workstation.

Writer’s Block, and How to Cure It: 3 Quick Tips That Actually Work

01/10/21 Content General

Writer’s block is, at some time or other, inevitable. The popular term that references “the inability of a writer to produce new material” is not a modern phenomenon, but it is one that has been increasingly reported as of late....
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