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What Logan Roy Taught Me in HBO’s Succession

12/01/22 Operations General

For my first blog of 2022, I thought it would be fitting to relate it to the trending American T.V series that I’ve been binge-watching over the holiday season, that is, HBO’s ‘Succession’. The season was recommended to me by...
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Your Festive Guide for 2021

01/11/21 General

As we begin the start of the festivities for 2021, I wanted to produce a family-friendly guide to some of our team at Embryo’s favourite events to take part in at this time of year. Spooky World First up, it’s...
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hr resource planning

Ultimate Guide to People Management & Workforce Planning

05/10/21 Operations

As businesses navigate through the second year of challenges and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to ensure that people professionals are consistently progressing their people management skills. Whether your business is product or service-based, we need to be...
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the role of hr

How The Role of HR Is Changing

05/08/21 Operations

As a leader in people management and HR, it is fascinating to see just how the role has shifted in direction particularly over the past few years since the global pandemic. My days in HR & Operations involve doing multiple...
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The Perks of Embryo & What Makes Us So Special

01/07/21 General News #TeamEmbryo Operations

We’re halfway through 2021 already, and Embryo has shown tremendous growth over the past 6 months. We have launched our hybrid workplace and we have also welcomed new team members in our Content, PPC, SEO and Website projects departments. The...
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being strong

Channelling Unexpected Life Stress & Turning it into A Positive

04/06/21 Operations

There are lots of changes happening in the world right now, businesses such as ourselves are planning their return to the office, recruiting team members, ensuring finances are stable and planning for the future. On top of this, not only...
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a hybrid workplace

Preparing your team for a hybrid workplace

13/05/21 Operations

This week at Embryo, we are pleased to announce that we have finally been able to deliver our plan for returning to the office for our lovely (and very excited) digital marketing team members. A lot of time and consideration...
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human resources

CIPD Diaries- The CIPD Profession Map (2018) & Values

06/04/21 Operations

I am so excited to share that after much thought and consideration over the past year, I have finally decided to start my CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) Level 5 Diploma in People Management qualification, whilst carrying out my...
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woman doing home workout

Embryo Launches Wellness Wednesday

02/03/21 Operations

Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is currently more important than ever as we wait for our lockdown 3.0 rules to ease off, in order for us to be able to take part in our gym classes again. Personally, I...
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team planning

Tracking Your Team Capacity using OKRs

09/02/21 Operations

This weekend I watched a film about the story behind McDonald’s, I had seen it come up on sky quite a few times, but I never gave it a moments thought until I lost the vote on the movie selection...
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