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3 "WFH" Phrases Which Should Be Banned via Memes

17/04/20 Uncategorised

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a very different workplace. Everyone is working from home, so video conferencing, instant messaging and the old, faithful email have replaced face to face meetings.    There are some good things about this setup,...
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Welcome Daniel! Meet Our New Developer…

02/04/20 Uncategorised

Daniel Scarth is the newest member of the team here at Embryo. He’s adding his wealth of experience to our website team as a developer, specialising in building super fast, SEO optimised, WordPress websites. It’s a very strange time to...
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man throwing money on ecommerce sites

Take My Money – Shopify Sites That Will Make You Part With Your Cash

05/03/20 Best Practices Web Design

I’ve spent several delightful hours doing competitor research for a client looking at beautifully crafted eCommerce websites. This activity, now coined “Website Perving”, is one of my favourite parts of my job, and I thought it was only fair to...
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WTF - marketing jargon explained

SEO? PPC? WTF? Marketing Jargon, Explained.

17/02/20 Digital Marketing General

Have you ever been in a meeting with your marketing agency or your marketing department and heard so many acronyms, buzz words and general nonsense that you wanted to stop the meeting and shout WTF?  It’s a trap many of...
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Welcome to embryo

All Access Required: What Logins We Need To Kick Off Your Marketing Campaigns

15/01/20 Operations

When we are onboarding a new client for any of our services, be it SEO, PPC, Social Media, a Website Project, or for our full-service Digital Access service, one of the trickiest and lengthiest parts of the process is for...
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Website Designs We Love: October 2019

01/11/19 Web Design

I ventured down the rabbit hole and lost several dreamy hours of my last few evenings drooling at October’s submissions on the amazing Awwwards website. Don’t judge how I get my kicks, please. These are a few that really stood...
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Hansel and gretel and the breadcrumbs Cropped

Breadcrumbs: Google's Favourite Ingredient

07/08/19 Best Practices

As a search-led web design team, we often have quick training sessions on the best practices for web design for SEO from our hairy leader James Welch. The lesson this week was about the importance of breadcrumbs.  What’s a breadcrumb? ...
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A Dummies Guide To: Website Migration

19/07/19 Best Practices

There are some words that even the most “techie” types in a marketing agency will recoil at, start sweating, and pretend they haven’t heard you. One of those is ‘Migration’.  Whatever your role is, you may at some point become...
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James SEO vs Design Bruno

It's War – Design vs SEO

11/07/19 SEO Web Design

You may not know this, but there is a war going on. It doesn’t get reported in the Guardian. It doesn’t get discussed on Newsnight. But it’s happening, and I am reporting from the ground, living amongst the fight every...
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Client In The Spotlight: Everything Tech

22/10/20 Uncategorised

For technophobes, just the phrase ‘IT issues’ can send blood rushing to your face, increase your heart rate and make you feel queasy. Luckily, there are companies like our client Everything Tech who can put you at ease when it...
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