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Brand In The Spotlight: Lucy & Yak

12/02/21 Digital Marketing Innovation

Comfort clothing has been at the top of everyone’s shopping list this past year, with sweat pants and lounge wear becoming our WFH uniform. For me, (forever channelling Meryl Streep’s Donna in Mamma Mia), comfort is synonymous with dungarees, and...
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A blooming marvelous customer experience with Bloom & Wild

20/01/21 Web Design Digital Marketing

When I told the Embryo team that I was writing my blog on Bloom & Wild, there was an outburst of various versions of ‘oh I love Bloom & Wild!’ which proved that I am not alone in my adoration...
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5 star reviews

The Power Of Customer Reviews

03/12/20 Best Practices Digital Marketing Web Design

When we start working with a new client, one of the first things our team look for on their website is reviews. It’s funny that, although almost everyone admits to checking reviews when they buy a product, many businesses are...
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Lockdown 2.0 – Activities To Keep You Busy

06/11/20 General

Hello darkness, my old friend. It’s lockdown again here in the U.K. which doesn’t really feel too different from our Tier 3 status in Manchester except, to our horror, our beloved bars and restaurants are closed. If you know me...
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Ask These Questions To Understand Your Audience

02/10/20 Uncategorised

Sometimes you can get so carried away in your own department within a digital marketing agency, that you can lose focus of some of the most basic but most important marketing principles. The content team could be concentrating on perfect...
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Brands In The Spotlight: smol

24/09/20 Uncategorised

My previous ‘Brands In The Spotlight’ blogs were on companies Brewdog and Ben & Jerries, who hardly needed any more press. This time I’ve decided to now turn my attention onto (and improve the backlink profile of) a smaller company...
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hannah anderson webinar image

"How Social Media Has Changed": Key Takeaways from Hannah Anderson's Webinar

25/08/20 Uncategorised

I attended a fantastic webinar with Hannah Anderson from Social Chain this morning, organised and presented by The Marketing Meetup‘s Joe Glover. It’s not often I can sit through an entire webinar and the FAQ’s – it’s very rare to find them useful, informative...
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brewdog barnard castle eye test

Brands In The Spotlight: BrewDog

27/07/20 Uncategorised

The BrewDog brand has gone from strength to strength since it was started “by two men and a dog” in 2007. If you’d have asked me for a craft beer back in 2007 you’d have received a blank look and...
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Brands In The Spotlight: Ben & Jerry's

08/06/20 Uncategorised

I’m using my next few blogs as an opportunity to shout out some fantastic brands who are doing some good. In the current climate, brands making genuine and concerted efforts to contribute positively to the issues affecting their customers are...
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3 "WFH" Phrases Which Should Be Banned via Memes

17/04/20 Uncategorised

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a very different workplace. Everyone is working from home, so video conferencing, instant messaging and the old, faithful email have replaced face to face meetings.    There are some good things about this setup,...
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