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digital marketing importance will increase in 2022

Digital Marketing Importance In 2022: Your Questions, Answered

07/01/22 Digital Marketing

The level of digital marketing importance is as high as it’s ever been in 2022. A well-planned out online presence that attracts internet users and mobile users alike is incredibly powerful.  Despite that, effective digital marketing efforts are still thought of as secondary decisions....
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automating seo and digital marketing tasks

Guest Blog: 5 SEO And Digital Marketing Tasks That Need Automation

05/01/22 Digital Marketing SEO

Automation is taking the edge over IT industries, and it has already taken a big leap in SEO and digital marketing. Many businesses consider automation a critical component. 75% of marketers currently use automation solutions in their firms. So, it would...
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pay per click's search term reports took a hit in september 2020

We Examined Google’s Loss of Search Query Data, Here’s What We Learned

06/10/21 PPC News

When the folks at Google do something to their tools – whether it’s Ads, Analytics, or Google My Business – it can have huge effects on the way its users use it, and react to it. So, you can imagine...
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content writing in 2021 is about length and breadth

Not All Content Is Created Equal, Here’s Why: SEO Content Writing In 2021 and Beyond

07/09/21 Content SEO Best Practices

If this writer has had to underscore the importance of SEO content writing once, they’ve had to do it a thousand times. Simply put, if you aren’t putting long-form writing at the heart of your marketing strategy, you’re not going to achieve...
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discover the power of content frameworks

Why We’re Obsessed With Content Frameworks at Embryo

26/08/21 Best Practices Content

If you hadn’t already guessed, we’re rather obsessed with content marketing here at Embryo. From blogs to SEO glossaries to vast, extensive pieces of content that are the size of small books – we do it all. And in our quest to create...
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404 page not found

404 Errors: What You Need To Know

13/07/21 Web Design

We’ve all seen them in our browser window, we’ve typed a query in, clicking on a URL that we could’ve sworn was correct, only to be presented with an Error 404. They’re annoying, and not really what the person that runs...
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chuck norris

3 Famous Google Bombs

09/06/21 SEO

Google bombing is a term that we go into in our SEO Glossary and essentially describes a practice by which a specific web page is targeted to rank in the top position of the search engine results page (SERP) for a...
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using the right metrics is key to content success

The 5 Metrics To Measure Your Content By

25/05/21 Content

Measuring how successful your content is is just as important as writing it in the first place. If you don’t measure it, using meaningful metrics, you might as well not bother. By applying metrics, you can find out what works, what doesn’t,...
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asking questions is the key to excellent client content

What Every Content Writer Should Know About A Client Before They Write For Them

14/04/21 Content

Content marketing is a multi-disciplinary skill and involves a tonne of different things that help to ensure content is strong from an SEO perspective and, ultimately, readable. One of these things is information gathering, an oft-neglected part of the process, but something...
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how to get on the first page of google

How To Get On The First Page Of Google: The 3 Things You Need To Consider

16/03/21 Content Best Practices

Google doesn’t mess around, it indexes trillions of pages, keyword searches are done by most of the human population, and new blogs posts, articles, and webpages pop up every single second. So, while it is large in this sense, Google,...
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