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Ecommerce App Marketing in 2020 vs 2021

19/11/21 Apps News

Customer behaviour has significantly changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and this can be seen across a wide range of eCommerce platforms, this has accelerated digital marketing performance growth by 4-6 years in just 18 months. Even now...
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2020 Link Building Tactics

22/11/19 SEO

It’s no secret that link building is the most important skill in SEO, but is any link good enough? Should you just buy as many links as possible? In this article, I am going to talk about not only how...
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All My Friends Manchester

06/11/19 General

Introduction into AMF and Marketing Executive, Liam Hi Aaron, I’m really excited to chat with you today about myself, marketing, and of course All My Friends (AMF). My names Liam and I’m a marketing executive with 2+ years in the...
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seo audit

Why an SEO Audit is Important

25/09/19 SEO

Is your website struggling with generating leads? Then carry on reading to find out the key benefits of performing an SEO audit. Conducting an audit for your website means evaluating how search engine friendly your site is. Every website is...
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Image Optimisation for SEO

17/09/19 SEO

If you are writing your next blog or writing an article for a newspaper and you ask yourself whether you should include an image. The answer is always yes! Images are known to bring pieces of writing to life and...
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The Key To SEO – User Experience

06/09/19 SEO

Commonly in the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), there is a misconception that it is purely about keywords and link building. This could not be further from the truth. Although keywords and link building is an important part of...
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How to Get Your Trustpilot Reviews On Your Site

20/08/19 Best Practices

Trustpilot is easily the world’s largest review platform for business, locations and landmarks, but why should you shout about them on your website? Well…you’re not going to lose traffic or sales, you will gain them if anything, so I will...
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The Ever-Changing World of SEO – 2019

20/08/19 SEO

Let’s start off by acknowledging that Google is constantly changing/adding features and updates to the search results. Either you manage to keep up on the updates or sadly your website begins to fall behind… Firstly we will look over the...
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Domain Authority? Never Heard of it.

16/08/19 SEO

What are domain rankings? To the average web user, how websites rank is completely unknown, but to us, the SEO specialists, domain ranking helps us to determine how well sites rank. Domain Authority (DA) is a ranking score given to...
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Structured Data, A Basic Guide…

16/08/19 SEO

They’re things you hear about all the time in SEO circles, but what is structured data mark-up, Schema mark-up and rich snippets? Well first off, for all you hear these terms thrown around, they’re the same thing, just worded differently. ...
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